Michael Jackson And Lisa Marie Presley's Marriage Was Arranged By The Church Of Scientology, Says Old Theory

The late Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, has reportedly written a tell-all book about her relationship with the famous singer. Per Page Six, the book reportedly spills "shocking" details about the pair's friendship, marriage and relationship after their split.

But years ago in 1994, months after they tied the knot in May, The Washington Post covered a theory that the pair's union was arranged by the Church of Scientology. The report suggests that the theory came from conspiracy-minded former members of the church.

After Jackson and Presley tied the knot, the Church of Scientology International issued a statement wishing them "the very best for a joyful future."

Not only that, but Presley's ex-husband, prominent Scientologist Danny Keough, was an official witness of the wedding.

According to Lawrence Wollersheim, a former Scientology celebrity handler who sued the church — and won — for alleged brainwashing, Scientology is known for arranging marriages and divorces for "public-relations purposes." This pattern is likely what sparked the theory among former Scientologists, who believe that the church used Presley to bait Jackson into its controversial religion.

"Stars are heavily recruited, and you can be sure that Michael Jackson was targeted," said one ex-Scientologist.

"Why would she marry him? The only answer is Scientology," says another former Scientologist.

As for the reason, stars are reportedly attracted to the church because they offer lots of cash as well as help attract new members.

"One of my jobs was to get celebrities active, to convince them to hustle and promote Scientology," said Robert Vaughn Young, who acted as a publicity officer with the church for 20 years.

Per The Inquisitr, former Scientologist Sam Domingo says that one of the church's most famous members, Tom Cruise, conspired to turn his two adopted children, Isabella and Connor, against their mother, Nicole Kidman.

The children were taught to view Kidman as a "suppressive person" — a term used in Scientology to describe "antisocial personalities," according to The Daily Wire.

"I know what techniques they used… I know what the second-in-command at the time Marty Rathbun did, he was so tough on them, the Cruise kids had no choice," Domingo said in a Daily Mail interview.

"After the divorce, they were indoctrinated into Scientology and very much isolated."
According to The Independent, the Church of Scientology is being sued for child abuse and human trafficking by a woman named "Jane Doe" in court documents. The woman claims to have served as a personal steward to the leader, David Miscavige, and says he placed her into an isolation program known as "the Hole" after she learned of Miscavige's issues with his wife.