Ivanka Trump Roasted On Twitter After Praising Saudi Arabia's Guardianship Law Changes

President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump took to Twitter Friday morning to praise changes that were just revealed by authorities in Saudi Arabia.

Those changes should make it easier for women in Saudi Arabia to work and travel without getting permission from men in their families. However, it looks as if Trump's tweet quickly sparked a lot of pushback from people on social media who weren't shy about bashing the positive sentiments from the first daughter.

Trump tweeted that the changes signaled big progress for Saudi Arabia and Ivanka noted that the Middle Eastern country needed to do more along those lines. Some criticized Ivanka. Her unwavering support for her father's administration was swift and intense.

Plenty of people responded on Twitter with references to Jamal Khashoggi and bone saws in a nod to the alleged involvement by top-ranking Saudis' killing of the journalist. Others noted that Ivanka supports these changes in the Kingdom while not necessarily pushing back against the president's agenda when it comes to separating families at the border or protecting women's reproductive rights here in the United States.

Ivanka wasn't the only one to get called out with this tweet. Numerous people also referenced her husband, Jared Kushner, especially for his close ties to Saudi Arabia.

"Yes always reassuring to go into a Saudi Consulate to get travel documents. On a good day you don't get dismembered. Your husband is going to jail for his criminal enterprise with the butcher."
"Killing an American resident and journalist is progress, Princess? I don't think so. Yes, you and Jared continue to praise MBS because he's lining your pockets. And he brags about having Jared in this. You are both so compromised. Resign."
Within just a few hours of being posted to Twitter, Ivanka's tweet was liked more than 15,000 times. The post was retweeted 3,700 times, and it quickly received more than 2,700 comments. Some responses praised Trump and the administration, but it appears as if there were more negative replies than positive ones.
"The chances your relative is best-qualified person for a given job are near zero. Nepotism always yields inferior results. It also always results in graft. There are statues against it that POTUS ignores. Jared and Ivanka are Exhibits A and B."
As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, these changes in Saudi Arabia do represent a significant step forward in combating the reputation Saudi Arabia has for oppressing women's rights.

Positively or negatively, Ivanka Trump does not appear to have replied to any of the tweets that have come after she praised Saudi Arabia for these changes. It looks like the critical comments continue to pile up on the post from the president's daughter and people are not holding back.