Watch a movie: The Princess of Nebraska

It’s weekend. Why don’t you watch a movie? I know it’s a little expensive, notwithstanding how movie houses can make a killing from popcorn and soda.

Here’s a good movie to watch for free. Free is the keyword.

Moviemaker Wayne Wang of The Joy Luck Club is using the Internet for distribution of his latest film, The Princes of Nebraska.

In the movie, a foreign exchange student (Ling Li) finds herself pregnant and must travel from Nebraska to San Francisco to get an abortion.

“The Princess of Nebraska is about a young woman from China who tries to locate her identity through different kinds of media. The piece was shot with this kind of mentality with various kinds of easily accessible digital sources. I am very excited that the distribution will be consistent with the way the piece was conceived and produced!” Wang said.

The film made its debut yesterday as part of the YouTube Screening Room, a channel dedicated to premium film content. But it does not mean that you cannot watch it anymore. It’s still online and again, it’s free.