Olivia Newton John Health Update In Battle Against Cancer

Singer Olivia Newton-John has given fans an update on her health as she battles cancer. The beloved entertainer spoke to People Magazine and summed up her current personal situation in one word: "thriving."

"I'm doing well. I'm thriving! This is my word," said Olivia. She recently teamed up with the organization Dancers Against Cancer, which has raised more than $2 million for dance educators, choreographers, dancers, and their families who have been impacted by this deadly disease.

The singer, who was diagnosed in 2017 with metastatic breast cancer, always loved to dance. She revealed that her love of movement began when she was just a young girl.

"The dance performing community means a lot to me. I've always loved dancers and wished that I'd learned when I was young. I used to do creative dance, but I never really learned it until I had to dance with Gene Kelly and John Travolta. Lucky me, I got to do Dancing with the Stars long before it was a show," she quipped to People Magazine.

Olivia spoke candidly of her own cancer journey, one she plans to beat with the help of her regimen of treatment, prayer, and healthful living.

She explained to People that her cancer journey started in 1992, where she endured both surgery and chemotherapy. She also helped manage her disease through yoga, massage, homeopathy, and meditation.

Olivia then stated, "I have metastases now."

Olivia will soon be honored for her work in the fight against the disease at the Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show alongside fellow honorees Derek & Julianne Hough, Jenna Dewan, Napoleon and Tabitha D'Umo, and Galen Hooks.

The singer revealed that constant news stories predicting her death since her diagnosis that litter the tabloids have impacted her more than she could have ever realized, she said to 9 News Australia. She explained that it is hard to read some of the stories as it is easy for the mind to be misled into thinking the tabloids know something about her health that Olivia does not.

Olivia also revealed in the interview with 9 News Australia that she believes the quality of her life has been enhanced through the use of medicinal marijuana, grown at the couple's home by her husband John Easterling.

"It has made a huge difference," said the singer of using the cannabis as part of her cancer treatment plan.

The couple and Olivia's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, are working together to have medicinal cannabis legalized as an alternative treatment in the singer's native Australia.