‘Chicken Church’ Turns Heads In Florida


One glance at the affectionately dubbed “Chicken Church” is all anyone needs to understand how the structure got its nickname. When viewed at a particular angle, the church building bears a startling resemblance to a giant bird.

The structure’s given name is the Church by the Sea and there have been mixed reactions from its congregation about the attention the building’s architecture is receiving.

Recently, a photographer captured the building’s bird-like facade, posting the images on the internet and creating a buzz about the Madeira Beach, Florida “Chicken Church.” Soon tourists began flocking to catch a glimpse of the amusing resemblance.

According to The Huffington Post, the church was never intended to appear bird-like. When viewed from most sides, the building appears quite normal.

However, when standing at just the right angle, two round windows appear to mimic large eyes. The rows of tile beneath the windows can easily be imagined as a beak.

Some visitors have noted an amusing resemblance to characters from the popular game Angry Birds.

Members of the Church by the Sea congregation have different takes on the building’s increasing notoriety. According to an employee who wished to remain anonymous, some people from the church are unhappy with the gathering tourists:

“We’re not fond of it being called the ‘Chicken Church.’ It’s attracting people to us for all the wrong reasons. I don’t think they’re attracted to come in and worship, I think they’re making fun of it.”



The Daily Mail writes that other members are pleased that the building evokes a happy reaction from people. Dee Dee Parker, a long-standing member of the congregation, explained:

“It’s so funny — we were completely unaware that it had become a hit on the internet. We had no idea but I’m glad we can make people smile. We see lots of people coming to take pictures of the church.”

Do you think Florida’s “Chicken Church” resembles a giant bird?