September 16, 2019
Carrie Underwood's Post-Baby Body Knocks Instagram Dead In Tight Spandex

Carrie Underwood's post-baby body is still making headlines. The Cry Pretty singer has been dropping jaws with her postpartum silhouette ever since welcoming second son Jacob in January, and by the looks of it, Carrie's fans are far from over the 36-year-old's physique.

Earlier today, Carrie took to her Instagram for a little promotion. The singer is CEO of an athleisurewear line named Calia by Carrie. Clearly, this company's boss is proving the perfect brand ambassador.

Carrie's video showed her in full workout mode. The mother of two was seen in a variety of outfits, although all stuck to the athletic theme. Carrie was filmed in tight spandex leggings in blacks as well as lighter patterned shades with fans seeing the star's toned and trim legs. Carrie's strong and muscular upper body also appeared via stylish tanks showing ripped biceps and sculpted shoulders.

Alongside getting a view of Carrie's incredibly fit frame, fans got an insight into how this mother stays in shape. Carrie was seen pumping weights, engaging in rope work, and jumping on and off surfaces alongside working with kettlebells. While Carrie did appear to have broken a sweat, her finish was flawless. The blonde appeared with her hair scraped back from her face and a glowing complexion.

A caption from Carrie mentioned her brand alongside using muscular arm emoji. Fans also heard the singer's voice detail her workout motivation in the video.

It looks like Carrie and her killer body have knocked Instagram dead. The video had racked up over 31,000 views within just 35 minutes of going live. The same time frame brought over 60 fans into the comments section.

"Why do you look so flawless CARRIE I MISS YOUU," one fan wrote.

"INVENTED FITNESS OMG," another said.

"Wow, do u have a personal trainer?" one fan asked.

When it comes to her fitness, Carrie seems to harness both a boss attitude and a balanced mentality. The star will update her Instagram with sweat sessions, although Carrie equally seems to enjoy physical activity in less grueling scenarios. Carrie has posted a sweet Instagram update of herself during an equestrian outing with husband Mike Fisher.

As fans will know, Carrie's motherhood journey has come with its troubles. The star is now a happy mother of two, but three miscarriages in the space of two years put a strain on Carrie. Speaking to The Guardian about her ordeal, Carrie sent the newspaper raw and honest words.
"I think you feel silly being so attached to something that you knew about for this long. But I still feel it, you know. I mean it took me a while to be able to sing certain songs and be able to get through them without really going there. It doesn't go away. Ever."