'Big Brother 21' Spoilers: The Head Of Household Winner For Week 6 Is Revealed

Big Brother 21 spoilers from the live feeds reveal that a new Head of Household is in place for Week 6, and this could shake things up. Alliances in the BB21 house were already crumbling on Thursday as Sam Smith tried to flip the house to save himself, and it looks like things remained shaky throughout the evening after the HOH competition.

According to spoilers from Big Brother Network, Jessica Milagros won Head of Household for Week 6. This should cause some scrambling in the BB21 house since Jess isn't a part of the "Six Shooters" alliance. At the same time, she hasn't necessarily been one to make waves so fans are already speculating that she may try to avoid doing anything too controversial in the coming week.

After the HOH competition ended, houseguests started to buzz among themselves. Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds showed that Jess, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg quickly connected to celebrate Milagros' HOH win, and it didn't take long for talk regarding the nominations to start.

Jess told Nicole she wasn't sure if she wanted to put Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews up on the block together, but she was considering it. She also noted that if one of the guys came off the block, she thought she'd probably put Analyse Talavera up as a renom. Later, Jess signaled that she wouldn't put Sis up after all, and she says trusts Christie Murphy to not use her power this week.

Jessica Milagros battles in the 'Big Brother 21' house

BBN shares that Kat Dunn and Holly Allen had a somewhat tense conversation about Jackson Thursday night. Kat was trying to tell Holly how degrading and aggressive Jackson is, and Holly cautioned Kat to be careful how she characterizes Jackson on television.

As Jess, Cliff, and Nicole flushed out their nomination plan, Big Brother spoilers suggest that they'll have Jess nominate Jackson and Jack together after all. They'll act as if Jackson is their target, with the hope of using Nick Maccarone and Holly's votes to actually evict Jack instead.

In the wee hours of the morning, Holly and Kat visited with Jess and Nicole in the HOH room. Holly noted that Jackson figures he's in trouble this coming week, but little does he know, he may not be Jess's main target.

As the Twitter spoiler account @hamsterwatch noted, Kat joined Cliff, Nicole, and Jess in the HOH room and the four swore their alliance to one another. BB21 fans are already worried that including Kat in this group is going to cause trouble for the small alliance, and it'll be interesting to see how things progress on this front.

Big Brother spoilers detail that the nominations should be made Friday afternoon, and the Power of Veto competition should come on Saturday. Will Jack Matthews or Jackson Michie actually end up evicted in Week 6 or will this plan fall apart once again?