Billie Lee Addresses Rumored Hookup With Lisa Vanderpump's Son Max, Admits To Having A Crush On Him

Billie Lee is opening up about the time she's spent with Lisa Vanderpump's son, Max.

During an interview with Life & Style magazine, the former Vanderpump Rules star opened up about her "casual thing" with Max and admitted that she definitely had a crush on him during their time together at SUR Restaurant.

"Whenever we work together, we work together a lot, and you know, we were very flirty and I definitely had a crush on him," Billie admitted to the magazine on August 1.

According to Billie, things between her and Max may have gone beyond a flirtation after a night out with Tom Sandoval. As she revealed, she and Tom went out and got tipsy before meeting up with Max.

"You know, one thing led to another. That's all I can say," she teased.

While Billie wouldn't say exactly what happened between her and Max, she did applaud him as "really sweet" and said he was a "gentleman" and "amazing guy." Billie also said that she is attracted to Max because he is adopted, and she would love to adopt at some point in her future.

"I love Lisa and I love the fact that she adopted him. It was just such a cute, beautiful thing," Billie continued.

Billie joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules during the show's sixth season as a hostess at SUR Restaurant, but she quit the show last month after a drama-filled seventh season.

Also during her interview with Life & Style magazine, Billie said that she saw Lisa Vanderpump at TomTom recently and felt that her former costar was a "lighter person" since leaving her role on another reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in June. However, at the time Billie ran into Lisa, she hadn't yet dealt with the tragic loss of her mother, Jean Vanderpump, who passed away in England in June.

According to Billie, she's quite happy about Lisa's decision to leave the show and hopes she will use her free time to properly mourn the loss of her mother as well as her brother, Mark Vanderpump, who died last April. As fans will recall, Lisa began production on both The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 and Vanderpump Rules Season 7 shortly after losing Mark to suicide and wasn't able to tend to her emotions in the way she should have.

"I can just tell that she just was holding a lot in," Billie recalled.