Kim Kardashian Told To Grow Up As Bare-Legged 'Halfway Dead' Pic Goes Viral

Kim Kardashian has received some harsh feedback. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Instagram last night in nothing but sneakers and an oversized T-shirt bearing the "HALFWAY DEAD" logo that forms brother Rob Kardashian's new business name. The 38-year-old's photo went sufficiently viral to make The Daily Mail's headlines, with viewers to the newspaper's report likewise proving swift in leaving thoughts.

It looks like Kim flashing her legs and pouting while holding her fingers up in the peace sign has caused a stir.

"Kim, you are almost 40, grow up," a user wrote with over 100 others agreeing.

"What is she 40 now?" another asked before calling Kim's posing "idiotic."

One fan likened Kim to a teenager, per their comment.

"Kim stand there posing like my friend's 15 year old daughter would pose, she's hilarious! Nearly 40, mother of 4, come in [sic] time to grow up."
Not all comments left to The Daily Mail's report proved to center around the KKW Beauty founder, though. Many replies probed the star's brother – Halfway Dead is Rob's new skatewear label. Fans commenting on this seemed a little unsure over the link between skatewear and the 32-year-old. That said, with The Daily Mail reporting sold out items on Halfway Dead's website within hours of Kim's Instagram update, it looks like many fans were filling up their online carts.Rob Kardashian may come somewhat lower-profile than his ultra-famous sisters, but this Kardashian brother boasts the family's entrepreneurial streak. Fans of the family's merchandise will be familiar with Rob's Arthur George sock line.The Kardashian-Jenner business streak is, of course, also seen by the E! show family's A-list sisters. Kim herself is CEO of best-selling cosmetics line KKW Beauty with a newly-dropped range that's expanded into all things body. Khloe Kardashian has a solid grip on denim and athleisurewear with her popular Good American line. While Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh lifestyle brand is still a new affair with its April launch date, it appears to be doing well.

A business and Kardashian-Jenner-related headline is, however, never complete without mentioning 21-year-old Kylie Jenner. The Kylie Cosmetics CEO became Forbes' world's youngest billionaire earlier this year as a result of her makeup empire.

Fortunately for Kim, not all comments left to The Daily Mail's report were negative. The star's beauty was praised, and she was told that she looks fantastic.

Fans would likely agree that Kim's posing wasn't anything to get too heated about, but it looks like this set of viewers had their thoughts.