Ariana Grande's New 'Boyfriend' Music Video Features A Steamy Make-Out Session

Ariana Grande teamed up with her pals, Pittsburgh duo Social House, for a new summer bop titled "Boyfriend." The tune dropped on Thursday night alongside a hilarious rom-com-type music video, which featured weird scenes from arrows being shot through hands to hearts being literally ripped from chests (plus a very steamy make-out session!).

In the video, the pop princess plays the love interest of Michael "Mikey" Foster, while Charles "Scootie" Anderson plays a type of third wheel/therapist who has to put up with the couple's jealous antics. The song explores the common concept of people who have a hard time committing and defining their relationship, but they nevertheless expect full loyalty from their partner.

"You ain't my boyfriend (boyfriend)/And I ain't your girlfriend (girlfriend)/But you don't want me to see nobody else/And I don't want you to see nobody," the 26-year-old belts in the chorus.

Ari and Mikey perfectly portray this specific type of lovers but take the whole thing to another level in the hilarious short film. The pair both attend the same house party and spend the entire time trying to keep it cool and chatting up to other people in an effort to pretend they are not jealous. But at one point, Ariana spots her beau getting a little too close to another girl and loses it, running toward her and throwing her to the ground.

Still, this was only the start. Later in the evening, she spots Mikey talking to yet another girl from the balcony, quickly jumping down the staircase and somehow getting hold of a huge bow and mercilessly shooting an arrow through the poor girl's hand.

However, Ari isn't the only jealous one. When Mikey sees her flirting and dancing with another guy at the party, he takes matters into his own hands and literally tears the guy's heart right out of his chest, offering it to her. The "Dangerous Woman" songstress then proceeds to shoot heart-shaped laser rays out of her breasts in one of the funniest moments of the video. Mikey smiles at her, while Scootie looks helpless and confused the entire time.The duo then seems to decide they simply can't get their hands off each other, heading to the bathroom, where they engage in a super racy kissing session, which ends up with them destroying the entire place. Scootie accidentally walks in on them, but at this point, he is so used to their weird relationship that he does not look surprised at all.

According to People magazine, the trio's music video was directed Hannah Lux Davis, who has been responsible for many of Ariana's videos ("thank u, next," "7 Rings," among others), and produced by Brandon Bonfiglio.