Isabella Buscemi Shakes Booty In Tiny Thong Bikini & Instagram Fans Lose Their Minds

Isabella Buscemi shared a clip of herself leaning forward in a tiny, neon thong bikini while shaking her booty. The model shook her hips from the left to the right, as her friend spanked her at the same time. The Instagram clip has been watched over 352,000 times.

The model sported swimsuit bottoms with clear straps, which made it appear as though her bikini bottoms were glued onto her body. Her top was not visible, thanks to the angle of the video, but you could see that it had clear straps on the back.

And while the video started by showing Isabella shaking her thing, it eventually panned to the left. A man was spotted gawking at the women, as he seemed to have a hard time believing what he was seeing.

Fans flooded the comments section with plenty of compliments, while some focused on the man.

"Never seen behavior but I like it face!!!" joked a fan.

"Jaw drop and everything," noted another follower.

"They are hypnotized," observed a male fan.

"Breakin necks out hurrrr," added a follower.

Others complimented Buscemi's skills.

"There's a new twerk champ in town," said an Instagram user.

"Loved every min of it," responded a fan.

The video was geotagged in Mykonos. However, Jessica revealed three days ago that she was missing Mykonos, so it's likely that the video is just a throwback update.

In addition to noting that she was missing the tropical Greek paradise, Buscemi posted three photos of herself in a bright red swimsuit. The bikini top had a very high cut that left her underboob exposed. It also had a belt-like accent at the bottom, which helped to contain her assets. The bikini bottoms had a high cut and rested above her hips.

The first photo of the set showed Jessica sitting on the edge of white stairs. She popped her chest out, and braced herself with her hands. She wore her hair down in a middle part, and smiled with her lips closed.

On the other hand, the second photo was of Buscemi sitting on a wooden deck by a crystal blue pool. Behind her, you could see the brown hills of Mykonos, along with two giant seashells that were placed along the edge of the pool.

"Red is your color," gushed a fan.

"You've been snapping so hard with these Greece pics," complimented a follower.

"You're like even prettier in person," said an Instagram user.