Jessica Goicoechea Bares Chest In Red Hot Photo

Jessica Goicoechea recently shared a series of nine photos on Instagram. Instead of sharing the images as a set, she uploaded the photos separately for a dramatic effect. As the red hot shots took over her feed, her fans responded with tens of thousands of likes and numerous comments.

One photo in particular caught many of Jessica's fans' attention. While most of the images were closeups of the model, this image showed her from her chest up.

Jessica was spotted going topless, only holding a red latex belt in front of her chest. She held it in such a way that she censored the photo, but not completely. For this reason, the photo is NSFW and cannot be shared here, but you can see it on Goicoechea's Instagram page.

The model pulled her hair back in a slick, top bun. Her makeup was striking and matched the red theme of the photos. It included a bold, reddish-pink eyeshadow, and very glossy, pink lipstick. Jessica looked at the camera with her lips parted, and gave off a sultry vibe.

This photo was liked over 37,000 times, and fans responded in both English and Spanish in the comments section.

"Please stop," joked a fan.

"Yes I love it," noted a follower.

There were also several Instagram users that let Jessica know that this photo was their favorite out of the set. But not everyone was without complaints.

"Always censoring the best bits," said a fan, who punctuated their statement with two angry face emoji.

Another photo from the set, which received over 27,000 likes, was also a huge hit with fans.

Jessica was spotted this time wearing bright, red lipstick. She also wore a vintage-inspired hat with a net veil that fell down to her nose. The photo was a close-up of her face, as she closed her eyes and pushed an ice cube into her mouth. Goicoechea's bright red manicured nails were on full display, as the model was also illuminated with a red glow.

Fans responded with compliments for Jessica.

"I can't believe how beautiful you are," said a follower.

"I have never seen more beautiful than you," declared another fan.

Others left messages that were short and sweet, including "sexy," "wow," and "diva."

The rest of the photos from the set were just as impactful as the two described here. They all featured a red glow, and in several shots, Jessica wore a red bodysuit and head wrap. In other portraits, she gave sultry looks while positioning her hands seductively on her face.