Tiffany Trump Slays In Blue During Vacation With Marla Maples

While President Donald Trump is busy tweeting and running the United States, his second daughter, Tiffany Trump, and her mother, Marla Maples, are enjoying some rest and relaxation on a special trip abroad.

Tiffany stunned in a plunging blue maxi dress as she posed alongside her mother, President Trump's second wife, in front of a gorgeous oceanside sunset on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Trump's sundress featured a peacock-style print, and on her feet, she wore an espadrille sneaker in dark blue featuring metallic polka dots.

In the image, she gazed happily at her mother, who wore short white shorts and a white draped T-shirt. Maples finished the casual look with a blue shawl, stylish tan belt, espadrille sneakers, and sunglasses. Maples posed with her leg popped stylishly to show off her best angles. Both mother and daughter styled their blond locks in beachy waves in the beautiful photo.

Maples posted the image to her Instagram account, and in the caption, she proclaimed that she knows how to be whole without depending on somebody else to complete her. Despite her mastery of being a whole person, she expressed her joy and happiness at traveling with her daughter on their Spanish adventure together. Several of Maples followers and friends chimed in on her post with supportive comments about how happy and whole both women look in the picture.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Trump will return to Georgetown Law School this fall, and she is making the most of the time left in her summer vacation. Trump has relaxed on the beach with friends, hiked, and enjoyed the scenery during her time in Spain.

Maples has shared some photos of her and her daughter's lovely trip abroad, but Trump has kept quiet on her Instagram with her last post coming three weeks ago from London, United Kingdom. The Inquisitr reported that earlier during the trip, paparazzi caught Trump enjoying herself wearing a blue swimsuit.Maples chimed in on her daughter's artfully casual pose.

"Oh, my goodness! My gorgeous girl… So beautiful!" wrote Trump's proud mother.

While Tiffany's half-siblings, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, have participated heavily in their father's White House and his campaign, the younger woman, who is Trump's only daughter with Maples, has chosen mostly to stay away from the political limelight. She's opted, instead, to continue her life somewhat normally by finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 where she double majored in Sociology and Urban Studies.

Since then, Tiffany has attended courses at Georgetown pursuing her law degree.