Sara Gilbert Says Goodbye To 'The Talk' In Tears After Nine Years With The CBS Show

Sara Gilbert is moving on from The Talk, her television home for the past nine years.

Her last episode, which has been pre-taped, will air on August 2. All kinds of emotions will come out as the entire panel bids Gilbert adieu, stating that she won't be too far away since she will remain a producer on the CBS daytime program.

In one preview The Talk shared on Instagram, Sara broke down in tears while telling cohorts Sharon Osbourne, Cheryl Underwood, Eve, and Carrie Ann Inaba that she has "so much gratitude" all of them.

The last day will be spent honoring Sara, who Julie Chen named as being the person who came up with the idea for the popular program.

While looking back to the program's early days, Sara spoke up, saying, "I am so not a talk show host."

She proved herself wrong, as the 44-year-old sitcom star-mogul has endured, becoming one of the favorite commentators on The Talk.

Preview clips from the show indicate that viewers will be able to enjoy some of the bloopers that have occurred over the years.

The YouTube video, which is a little more than four minutes long, shows Sarah getting picked up and carried by Adam Lambert and riding on Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki's back. She also had a pie shoved into her face and when Cheryl cozied up to her friend, Sarah jokingly said, "Don't get too close."

Then there was the time Sarah told the world and her colleagues that she was pregnant. Cue the happy tears.

After that, the sad tears came as a clip from earlier this year had Sara disclosing that "it was time" for her to leave the show.

So upset to be telling everyone what has happened, Sara almost didn't get through her announcement. She managed, though, admitting that leaving was tough because of her love for the show, a place "that makes her happy."In another two-minute video of Sara's final act on The Talk, Sharon Osbourne also cried, blubbering while telling her friend and colleague how she feels about Gilbert's imminent departure.
"I hate doing this… Coming every day, seeing Sara. She can read me, I can read her. If there's anything on my mind, I tell Sara. Now... I won't have Sara here."
She went on to elaborate on why she felt the way she did.

Sharon said that while her husband, Ozzy Osborne, was sick, Sara went out of her way to cheer up the aging rocker. Mrs. O named how her colleague would "find little things" that she knew would enjoy. Sara would buy them for him, being that he's a person who "considers her a friend too."

"She's like a sister that I never had. I can tell her things and she gives me good advice… It is like not having a sister with you anymore and it's going to be hard."
Then Sharon broke the tension, saying that she and Ozzy just live down the road from Sara, meaning they will definitely get together again.
In fact, Sara Gilbert will most likely continue to see Sharon Osbourne and the rest of The Talk crew after she leaves her chair as a permanent commentator. For those who can't handle seeing her leave, just remember that this well-worn morning show is always open to a good guest host, and Sarah says she is always open and looking forward to coming back on that basis.