George Michael's California Home Is For Sale After Ex Was Arrested At London Mansion

There is another shake-up in the real estate portfolio left by Wham! singer George Michael to his sisters after his death. This time, it's news that one of the properties is going on the market.

The singer's Santa Barbara home set on 5.7 acres is for sale for $5.995 million. The roomy 4,840-square-foot house located in the foothills of the California town has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, according to The Daily Mail.

The house was designed by Cliff Hickman. Drawing his inspiration from architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style, the manse includes a low pitched roof and a modern hexagonal shape.

The home features a wraparound terrace offering views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains. The upper level is for entertaining and the lower level contains the bedrooms, including the master suite.

A guesthouse is linked to the garage where the fifth bedroom is located and that leads out to the pool, sauna, lighted tennis court and 25 parking spaces. The house and surrounding property are excellent for entertaining, according to the realtor.

News that Michael's Southern California home was hitting the market comes just after a story started making the rounds involving the singer's ex-boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, who might be allowed to continue living in the deceased performer's home in Regent's Park.

Fawaz, who is now an "unemployed hairdresser," was arrested last month after neighbors reported that he was breaking things in the home now belonging to George Michael's sisters.

Many people believed that Fawaz's arrest was an attempt by the family to evict him from the property, but sources close to the matter say this isn't so, reports The Inquisitr.

"No one knows what has caused Fadi's behavior – but it was not prompted by him being evicted by the estate. George's family are quite worried about what Fadi might do if they are not seen to look after him."
A rumor has been making the rounds that the family is also concerned about what Fawaz might say to the media or in public about George Michael. That is why they would never do anything as aggressive as evicting the singer's ex.

Police in London confirmed that Fawaz has been released from custody, but he is still under investigation after being reported by neighbors for loud noises and sleeping on the balcony because the house is "uninhabitable." Neighbors have also noted his "nocturnal lifestyle, saying that he is only active after dark.