Google Chrome Updated For Android, iOS: Speed, Search, And Sharing Improved

Google Chrome Updated Mobile Browser

The Google Chrome mobile browser has been updated for Google Android, Apple iOS, and Apple iPad devices.

Google has chosen to focus its new update on faster speeds and a streamlined user experience that formats the mobile web browser for easier to view output.

According to the search giant, the Android browser has displayed 25 percent faster rendering times thanks to expanded HTML5 support and V8 JavaScript engine utilization. Pages on the Android side now load faster, scroll better, and offer an overall smoother experience.

Google has placed much of its emphasis on under-the-hood stability, security improvements, and bug fixes for both the Android and iOS Chrome browsers. According to Google, the changes were brought about at the suggestion of end users.

Apple iOS users will also notice many improvements. For example, the device has been sped up for a better page rendering experience.

Google also realized that, since its browser is not baked into the Apple iOS, it needed to be more creative with its sharing capabilities. For example, the “Omnibox” at the top of the browser shows the exact search phrase instead of a monstrously long Google search URL.

Here is the change in Google Chrome output for Apple iOS devices:

Google Chrome Mobile Updates Output

Google has also simplified iOS sharing and history. For example, users can hold the back button to see all of the pages they have previously visited. Google Chrome users on iOS can also tap Share under the Menu section to share the current page they are viewing.

The biggest update for iOS users may be the ability to finally share links directly inside of an iOS message.

The Google Chrome mobile web browser still has a way to go before it becomes the dominate mobile web browser. With that being said, the browser is becoming more capable with every single update.