August 1, 2019
Alyssa Lavonne Wears Nothing But Tape In Racy New Photo

Alyssa Lavonne stunned fans with a new Instagram photo a couple of days ago. It showed her going completely nude, save for metallic body tape. This left very little to the imagination, as the tape conformed to her each and every curve. Unfortunately, the photo is too racy to share here, but you can check it out on her Instagram page.

The photo showed Alyssa posing with her back facing the camera at a diagonal. She looked over her right shoulder and placed her right hand by her hip.

The tape was placed on her body in such a way to mimic a revealing bikini. There were small, geometric shapes that were placed on her chest, as well as tape that wrapped around her back and under her chest. Thanks to Lavonne's pose, the right side of her body was left completely exposed.

Additionally, some tape was placed on the small of her back to mimic thong-cut bikini bottoms. Plus, Alyssa wore strips of gold tape on her wrists, which looked like bracelets. Her hair was pulled back into a braided low ponytail, and her lashes were accentuated with mascara.

The update has been liked over 10,000 times, and it was geotagged in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fans flooded the comments section with tons of nice compliments for the model.

"You are looking so gorgeous and sexy," said a fan.

"You shine beautifully," admired another follower, who referred to Alyssa's captions.

Another Instagram user rattled off a long list of what they think is amazing about the model.

"Stunning photo amazing smile fantastic outfit classy smile your body is spectacular gorgeous muscles lovely tight curves," they raved.

Since this update, Alyssa has shared two more photos. They were arguably just as revealing, including a photo of her going nude under a loosely crocheted top. Plus, she went fully nude save for a huge summer hat in another, which has since received over 9,000 likes.

This newer photo showed the model sitting in an outdoor walkway between two walls. She sat on a step and stretched her legs in front of her, placing her right leg over her left. Alyssa's face was obscured by the giant hat, while her chest was left completely exposed. However, her chest was censored with two white palm tree graphics.

Lavonne's fans responded positively to the photo.

"Timeless pic and I love the quote that person told you," said a fan, referring to the captions.

"Ha, I know I don't pretend to see you Alyssa. Nice hat," commented another follower.