Sommer Ray Talks About Her Boobs On Instagram, The Top Model Rocks A Skintight Tube Top

Sommer Ray may be among the top Instagram models in the world, but she still doesn't seem thrilled with every part of her enviable body. On her most recent post, the 22-year-old told her 27.1 million followers that her boobs are like that of a sixth grader's.

While the exotic beauty may not be fond of what she considers her small breasts, she has consistently been fond of showing off lots of skin, including in the shots for which she attacks her bosom on social media on August 1.

Thursday's two-picture Instagram pack had Sommer looking especially appealing.

Both shots were taken from the waist up. Her hair was partially done in a bun on the top of her head while part of her very long hair was down and wavy, grazing the front of her enchanting body while hitting her at waist level.

Meanwhile, her pretty face was adorned with minimal makeup, including blush lipstick, pink eyeshadow, and black-mascaraed lashes that looked extra long on both the top and the bottom of her lids.

In the first shot, her expression was cagy, as she used her piercing hazel eyes to elicit that feeling. She had on two necklaces, one of which was a choker and one a delicate silver number that dropped down to clavicle level.

In the second shot, Sommer looked away from the camera, allowing her distinctive profile to shine.

In both shots, Sommer rocked a colorful tie-dyed tube top that featured her bare stomach, proving her abs are rock hard. She was very tan while posing for these provocative images.

Within two hours of being posted, the beautiful woman's fresh photos racked up nearly 300,000 likes, as well as a slew of comments.

One called the Instagram model "a gorgeous girl," adding a heart-faced emoji for effect.

Another stated that she has "never related more" on Instagram than she did to Sommer's caption.

"Natural beauty," deemed another admirer.

Meanwhile, one more offered a more humorous response.

"I was wondering if you'd like to have a play date? My mom can take you home if yours can drop you off," that fun-loving fan said.

While Sommer put down her boobs on today's Instagram post, she has not been shy about showing off her awesome figure in numerous social media snaps. Yesterday, she did so while using a motorcycle as a prop, as The Inquisitr noted.

"...Sommer opted to show off her sexy side, as she posed in a black jacket and a black thong. The photo, which was taken by a professional photographer, showed her leaning forward on a black motorcycle. She propped herself up with her left arm as she placed her right hand by her face. At the same time, she curved her back and flaunted her bare booty."
Because of such sexy poses, Sommer Ray continues to attract huge amounts of attention from her throngs of admirers. The motorcycle-worthy model received more than 1 million likes since her other flashy image was posted only a day ago.

This kind of va-va-voom attention indicates that this Instagram model deserves at least a medal, if not a more lucrative prize.