Bella Thorne Flaunts Outrageous Cleavage In Wild, Hot Red Lingerie

Bella Thorne has just shared a racy update to Instagram. The 21-year-old took to the platform today for a celebratory set of snaps -- as Bella announced in her caption, copies of her latest book have been flying off shelves. The Midnight Sun actress has been taking to her social media to promote Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray with full vigor these past few weeks, but today's update didn't feature the book's cover.

Bella's photos appeared to show her at a gig. The star was standing in a pathway that separates performers on a stage from the viewing crowd. Clearly, Bella was in party mode. The actress and author had been photographed looking like she was having the time of her life – Bella was also flaunting her killer body while wearing a tiny outfit. Fans were getting a pretty outrageous amount of cleavage via a tiny sports bra in hot red, although Bella had paired her lingerie with a pair of shorts in black.

The star's hair appeared to be somewhat in motion, with suggestions that she was dancing along to the music. Regardless, this was one update that was giving off wild vibes and showcasing the star's signature risqué edge as she held onto the sports bra with both hands.

Fans who haven't yet checked out Bella's latest book may be interested to hear that the work is a collection of poems. Last month, the actress took to Instagram for a fully nude -- but very tasteful -- shot that came captioned with a verse.
"I'm sorry for the words I said, I'm sorry for the monsters stuck under my bed I'm sorry for those stary faithful eyes I'm sorry their [sic] nothing but demise To me. To me I'm sorry my breaking point was onsite I'm sorry we'll never have another night I wish there was a brighter night, Not this dark one that only bites. Where ever u are, I hope there's a star above u that's bright That outweighs all of your dim lights. U don't have to come looking for me I'm always to ur right."
Bella's update today quickly proved popular. It had racked up over 280,000 likes within just two hours of going live. The same timeframe brought over 1,100 fans into the comments section. Many comments seemed to come from fans who had already grabbed themselves a copy of Bella's book.

Bella has 20.8 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Bella should follow her account.