August 5, 2019
Britney Spears' Topless Rendering With Marilyn Monroe Grips Instagram, Fans Marvel At Similarity

Britney Spears has given her Instagram followers a lot to look at. The singer's updates might mostly highlight grueling workout videos or sweet snaps with boyfriend Sam Asghari, but Britney will occasionally stretch beyond her trademark deliveries. The 37-year-old has taken to the platform for an unusual update, and suffice it to say, it's been noticed by the "Toxic" singer's fans.

Earlier today, Britney updated her account. Her photo came in the form of a painting with a hot pink background. The image itself showed two famous faces: Britney was on the left with legendary bombshell Marilyn Monroe on the right. The artsy image had a bubblegum feel from its hues and a pink circle around Britney's mouth, although the finish mostly sent out retro vibes.

Swirls of paint had been used to carve out Britney and Marilyn's features and hair with strokes extending to form their necks, shoulders, and chests. While the painting appeared more to showcase the two women's faces, it did hint at their womanly physiques with a suggestion of nudity and no upper clothing.

A simple caption from Britney pointed toward a sibling status between the two women.

Fans have been going absolutely nuts. Many seemed to be suggesting that there's a huge resemblance between the two icons.

"Do you believe that Britney Spears is Marilyn Monroe reincarnated?" one fan asked.

Their comment racked up over 100 likes in 30 minutes.

"Yes," a fan replied.

"I've always thought they looked so much alike, especially the younger pictures of Marilyn," another responded.

While not all comments seemed in agreement, other areas of the comments section were pointing toward the women being – as Britney had stated in her caption – related. One fan put their thoughts into a lengthier caption.

"So many similarities, beautiful kind souls, but so much damage has been done to them...'Hollywood if a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.' – Marilyn Monroe."
Elsewhere, users took to the comments section to probe the caption-mentioned innocence, with some fans not quite sure about the singer's choice of words. Nonetheless, reactions mostly seemed to be positive. The update itself also proved popular, racking up over 79,000 likes in the space of one hour. The same time frame brought over 1,800 fans to the comments section.
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