Nicki Minaj Thanks Wendy Williams For Supporting Her Relationship With Boyfriend Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj is reportedly thankful to Wendy Williams for saying positive things about her and Kenneth Petty's relationship.

The "Moment For Life" rapper has been defending her relationship with Petty on numerous occasions since the couple went public in December 2018. While the two have known each other since they were teenagers, HotNewHipHop reports that many of Minaj's fans were concerned for her after learning of her boyfriend's criminal past.

Williams reportedly discussed Minaj and Petty's relationship on her show on Thursday, July 31. The daytime talk show host was reportedly supportive of the couple and played a clip of Minaj's Queen Radio show, in which she is gushing about her love for Petty. Williams reportedly agreed with Minaj's comments on her radio show, in which she said happiness is "more important than clout," while referring to her relationship. Williams said that the rapper deserved all of the happiness she currently has.

"This woman has amassed a fortune," Williams said. "She's very famous and no matter what you have, when you turn the key to your abode and there's no one there but crickets, it's not all good. And she also says that she wants to get married before having a baby. How rare these days! So, I say good for you, Nicki."

After the show, one of Minaj's fans asked the rapper on Twitter if she heard the comments Williams made about her relationship. The fan noted that Wiliams' support of Minaj was shocking due to the fact that Williams hadn't been supportive of Minaj's actions in the past. However, Minaj replied to the fan and said, "Thanks Wendy," when referring to the positive comments.

The fan also implied that the reason for Williams' past negative comments about Minaj was due to the Daytime Emmy nominee's past relationship woes. The Inquisitr previously shared that Williams is currently going through a divorce with her husband Kevin Hunter Sr., who she has been married to since 1997. Hunter reportedly fathered a child with his mistress of several years, Sharina Hudson, during their marriage.Since proclaiming their love for each other back in December, Minaj and Petty are seemingly ready to take the next level in their relationship. HollywoodLife reports that the couple was spotted picking up their marriage paperwork at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on Monday, July 29. During her "Hot Topics" segment the same day, Williams predicted that Minaj could possibly be pregnant, which would be why the couple is rushing down the aisle.