Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Elizabeth And Jason Argue, Sam Helps Willow As Shiloh Needles

Rebecca Herbst plays Elizabeth on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode suggest that tensions will be running high throughout Port Charles. Shiloh is still in town and shaking things up, despite the charges against him, and this will cause stress on several fronts by the looks of the latest sneak peek.

The preview for the episode airing on Friday, August 2, shows that Elizabeth and Jason will spend some time together at Kelly’s. “Liason” fans love any chance they get to see these two characters together, but General Hospital spoilers tease that these two won’t be in sync with one another during this upcoming conversation.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason and Elizabeth will be disagreeing about something during the next show. Fans are guessing that this is about Jake and probably Franco’s presence in his life, as Jason is unlikely to ever fully accept that.

The spoilers for Friday’s General Hospital reveal that Jason will refuse to see Elizabeth’s side on whatever they are discussing, and it sounds as if things may get a bit heated. Jake is rarely seen these days and is hardly ever talked about, so viewers will be anxious to see if this upcoming conversation can stir up a new storyline angle of some sort.

Friday’s show also brings more with Shiloh and his shenanigans. This week, Shiloh got his hands on the flash drive that contains Drew’s memories, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will be ruffling some feathers as he continues to rattle various Port Charles residents.

Sam and Willow will meet up, seemingly at the park, and fans will be anxious to see these two sharing a conversation. Unfortunately, it looks as if they will get interrupted by Shiloh and the women will be immediately agitated.


General Hospital spoilers share that Shiloh will be brash in saying that coming across the two of them is exactly what he needed to make his day. Both Willow and Sam will make it clear they have no interest in conversing with him, but there is little doubt that he will taunt the two ladies to whatever degree they let him get away with during this interaction.

Chase, Drew, and Curtis will meet at the Aurora offices and talk about the flash drive during the next show, too. General Hospital spoilers hint that this drive will be central to some juicy developments that come in the next week or so, and viewers are anxious to see progress on this lingering storyline.

How crazy will things get as people in Port Charles do everything they can to push Shiloh out of their lives? How far will Shiloh go to try to make things go his way? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are wild twists and turns on the way, and fans will not want to miss what’s coming next.