‘The Young And The Restless’ Viewers Sound Off About Adam And Sharon’s Friendship

Mark Grossman and Sharon Case at THE 46TH ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS CBS after-party.
Francis Specker / CBS

The Young and the Restless recently posed a question to its fans on Twitter. The soap’s followers wasted no time in weighing in on an unexpected storyline that’s playing out right now in Genoa City.

On Twitter, the official Y&R accounted posted a poll. They asked followers if they believe that Sharon (Sharon Case) should continue her friendship with Adam. So far, Sharon’s insistence on continuing to support Adam has cost her a relationship with Rey (Jordi Vilasuso). Plus, Adam has complicated Sharon’s co-parenting situation with Nick (Joshua Morrow).

Within hours, hundreds of viewers voted in the poll and chimed in with comments. A majority, 79 percent, believe that Sharon needs to say goodbye to Adam and move on with other aspects of her life. However, 21 percent love seeing Adam and Sharon reconnect and rediscover the passion they once felt for each other. There’s no question that the two share a complicated history with Adam stealing Faith from Sharon and passing her off as Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Victor’s (Eric Braeden) child. However, they managed to overcome that and share a life for a while.

Some viewers believe that while Sharon remains loyal to Adam, he’s merely using her to gain an advantage during his custody hearings with Nick. Adam believes that Sharon’s support will help the judge see that he should have custody of Christian.

“It’s not a friendship when one person is being loyal & the other person is just using you to their advantage,” pointed out a fan.

Of course, other viewers loved the drama that Sharon unexpectedly supporting Adam brings to the show, which would otherwise be dull without people doing the opposite of what they should.

“Yes! They’re all shady people. It’s Genoa City, not Pleasantville. Outside of Faith, it’s more telling that Sharon’s still friends with Nick, given their history,” replied a fan of Sharon and Adam’s friendship,” a viewer replied.


Some people feel that partnering with Adam again and blowing up her life with everybody else is a huge step back for Sharon. These past few years, Sharon has come a long way towards living a healthy and happy life, and now Adam is threatening that hard-fought stability Sharon found.

“Exes are an ex for a reason. Sharon needs to move forward in life and not look back. Adam needs to be in her rearview mirror. With her mental stability, she needs to stay away from toxic people,” another wrote.

Ultimately, it does not look like fans will get their wish with Sharon and Adam because according to The Inquisitr, they end up sleeping together next week.