Emily Ratajkowski Looks Ravishing In Red Ensemble With Plunging Neckline

Emily Ratajkowski attends the Kerastase Party at Port Debilly on June 26, 2019 in Paris, France.
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski put her modeling skills to work on Thursday in a Twitter post in which the beauty posed in a saucy red dress.

The British model’s dress was low-cut with straps that covered part of her breasts. The beauty appeared to be standing in a field outside with the sun behind her. Ratajkowski wore a full face of makeup that featured contoured cheeks and a natural lip color. The Gone Girl star gave the camera a sexy look as she wore her hair down. It was a classic look for the model who always looks good in whatever she is wearing.

The beauty recently opened up about looking fantastic on social media. In an interview with Byrdie magazine, she said that the image people see of her online is something that she has curated for them, and it is not her real life.

“Hopefully, young people understand that. I really try to bring that home a little bit because it’s like, I’m basically making my own magazine so to speak. I’m curating this world. You’re definitely not seeing me when I woke up this morning with a fever, sweaty, with my mascara underneath my eyes.”

She did say that she tried to be genuine when she posted photos, but admitted that she tried to look her best when doing so.

There’s no doubt she was looking fantastic in Thursday’s post.

The Sports Illustrated model often shares snapshots of her life. From spending time with her husband walking their dog to talking makeup tips, Ratajkowski’s followers never really know what she will post next.


The 28-year-old said that she is more conscious about her beauty regimen since she has gotten older.

“I think when you’re 20, you feel like, why do people make such a fuss about self-care? What does it matter? And then, you know, I became a grown-up and realized, okay, you can’t just be exhausted all the time,” she said, adding that it was about maturity more than it was about aging.

She also said that she kept her hair in a layered cut just below her shoulders because she didn’t have the energy to worry about how she would style her hair every day. She said that because her hair was thin, she tried to take care of it. She also admitted that she didn’t curl it every day because that was unrealistic.

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