Wendy Williams Breaks Down In Tears On Talk Show Finale Following Tough Year

Andrew TothGetty Images

It’s been a rough year for Wendy Williams and she definitely knows it.

The talk show host is known for spilling her guts on the set of her show, being open and honest with fans and viewers about almost all aspects of her personal life. On Thursday, the 55-year-old wrapped up her show and the emotional season finale was nothing short of tear-filled. When the talk show host took the stage to speak to the audience, she couldn’t help but reflect on a crazy year in an emotional speech. According to Radar Online, Williams reflected on the past few months, confessing that it has been “hell” for her.

“I appreciate doing this show because it’s my one hour where I get to be fun and forget about stuff,” she said through tears. “You see me pass out the season, you’ve read in tabloids and the Paparazzi and all that. But through it all, my one joy — aside from my son and my family — is you.”

She also went on to tell the audience that she can’t host The Wendy Williams Show forever, but she will definitely be back for Season 11, which is scheduled to premiere in September. Williams also mentioned that with everything that was going on in her life this past year, lots of people doubted that she would make it through the season, but here she is — going strong until the very end.

As her fans know, Williams has had an incredibly rough year. Not only did the television personality tell fans that she was living in a sober house following some long and hard struggles with her sobriety, but she also went through a very public breakup with husband Kevin Hunter after it was revealed that his mistress had a baby on the way. Initially, Hunter denied the claims that he had been unfaithful to his wife but he eventually confessed to his actions and later issued a public apology.

Williams filed for divorce shortly after the news rocked her world. If things couldn’t get any worse, her son allegedly beat his dad during a heated altercation between the two, which ended in Kevin Hunter Jr. punching his father in the nose. According to TMZ, Hunter Jr. pleaded not guilty to the charges and both of his parents appeared in court to support him as he entered a plea. But with all of the drama that has been going on in her life, there have been a few bright spots for Williams — she’s now reportedly dating a hunky doctor.

The Wendy Williams Show is expected to air again starting September 16.