Tana Mongeau Defends Marriage To Jake Paul After Saying Their Wedding Was ‘For Fun And Content’

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul pose together.
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Tana Mongeau is doubling down on claims that her marriage to Jake Paul is the real deal even though she admitted that it was for “fun and content” during an episode of her reality TV show. In a recent tweet, Tana explained that she filmed those clips a long time ago and that her statement was taken “out of context.”

“I know that things have moved so fast, are unconventional, and confusing but I love jake,” she wrote on Twitter. “I truly do, in the weirdest f*cking way. Every second of this rollercoaster ride has been so fun & crazy.”

But despite Tana’s claims about the authenticity of their union, she and Jake continue to be accused of faking it for attention and money. As Metro reports, they did not sign a marriage license before the “wedding,” and the officiant is not authorized to conduct weddings in Nevada where the wedding was held.

Fans have also been calling them out for the questionable wedding on social media.

“Especially considering they charged 50 bucks for people to watch it,” wrote one Twitter user in reply to Tana’s tweet. “It’s one thing to just do it but that took it to a whole new level for me and how messed up it all is.

Even Jake Paul’s brother Logan has said that he doesn’t believe the “marriage” will last.

“Seems a bit hasty, in my opinion,” he said of the wedding in an interview with Buzzfeed News’ Stephanie McNeal. “Seems a bit pre-emptive, one may say.”

He went to say that he thinks the marriage will last for a “month and a half” at best and added that the best advice he could give them was not to get married at 22.

Well, it’s kind of late for that.

As TMZ reports, some fans of the controversial YouTube couple have been demanding refunds because the audio and video quality was subpar. According to TMZ, over 60,000 people paid between $50-75 to watch the wedding but the stream only lasted for 10 minutes. Their report claims that Apple and Google Play will be shelling out refunds to people who downloaded the Halogen app to watch the wedding.

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i’m probably gonna be posting wedding photos longer than we’re married for but i felt like i had to start with these- these photos were taken minutes after someone literally threw an entire drink at us at the fucking altar. obviously, like everything happening at this wedding- that wasn’t apart of my plan (or any ideal for a regular wedding). but somehow amidst all of the chaos and cameras, we grabbed eachother’s faces and the second we both locked eyes and smiled… it made it all better. everything was okay. if not, better. it kinda set the tone for everything we’ll go through together. probably not easy, or conventional, but throughout all of the chaos, if we can just grab eachother, the world stops spinning for a second. i’m never really prepared for what might be thrown at us but i’m happy i get to deal with it with my best friend by my side. it’s a beautiful thing that every single time someone wants to take the power away from us and put us down, we are able to come together and let positivity & love help us power through that. i wouldn’t have wanted to marry you in any other unconventional fucked up way, Jake. I love you. 7.28.19. ❤️ (apologies in advance for the amount of pictures i’ll post over the next week)

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Metro reported that the wedding cost $500,000 and was held at the Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas with a subsequent reception at the Sugar Factory.

According to Buzzfeed News, a fight broke out soon after Tana and Jake exchanged wedding vows, but there’s been speculation that the altercation was staged.