Kathryn Dennis’ Mom Believes Thomas Ravenel Drugged The ‘Southern Charm’ Star

Kathryn Dennis, star of Southern Charm, is pictured.
Brianna Stello / NBC

Allison Dennis, the mother of Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, usually chooses to keep a low profile. However, when it came to backing her daughter in her fight for custody of her two children, the proud grandmother came out firmly against Thomas Ravenel, suggesting that the former politician will do and say whatever he can to win the case.

The Blast shared snippets from Allison Dennis’ sworn testimony where she praises her daughter’s parenting skills and the relationship she has built with her young children, Kensie and Saint Ravenel. The former politician’s legal team has suggested that Kathryn’s mother is the primary caretaker of the children, but she insists that this isn’t true.

“I realize that Thomas is going to try and imply that I do everything for the children of Kathryn, but that is not true.”

She insists that this is Ravenel’s only response because he’s unable to care for the kids without a nanny. Mrs. Dennis praised Kathryn’s evolution as a parent, saying that she stays with her daughter and the children, but it’s her opportunity to spend time with her grandchildren.

She chides Ravenel for putting herself and Kathryn under surveillance, hiring a relative (David Leaird) of the Dennis family to do the job.

“It is rather creepy to know that he has performed so much surveillance of Kathryn and myself.”

Mrs. Dennis testified that there are many things about her daughter’s relationship with Ravenel, a former felon, that she would like to forget, including watching him say on television that he didn’t know if Saint was his child after he had already received the results of the paternity test.

Allison Dennis recalls one of the more disturbing incidents happened when she was visiting with Kensie, Kathryn, and Thomas. She says she was downstairs with Kensie when she heard the headboard banging against the wall upstairs and knew what was going on.

“Thomas came out afterward and left. I went to tell Kathryn something and she was dead asleep. When I was finally about to wake her up, she remembered nothing. My perception was that she had been drugged by Thomas. I also remember when Kathryn told me that Thomas had masturbated on her back while she slept solely because he was mad at her for turning down his request the night before when she was tired.”


The guardian ad litem in the case had criticisms of both parents, stating that Kathryn could improve her organization skills and work on her punctuality, but she believes that the mother of two could handle custody and does not require supervision when it comes to her time with the children.

But the court representative did have concerns about Ravenel’s excessive drinking and said there were many witnesses who “all attest to Father’s bizarre behavior after he consumes alcohol.” She believes it would be best if Ravenel is prohibited from drinking when he has the children with him.