WWE News: WWE Cancels Three Live Events On Very Short Notice With Weird Explanations

It's not really a good sign when three events are cancelled over the course of one weekend.

WWE superstars pose for a promotional poster.

It's not really a good sign when three events are cancelled over the course of one weekend.

In less than two weeks, WWE will present one of its biggest pay-per-views each year with SummerSlam. Ratings have actually been on the rise in the last week or two, and that’s a very good sign for the company as they prepare for a competitive fall season. While things may seem on the up-and-up, it comes as a rather big surprise that WWE has now cancelled three events this weekend on very short notice and with some strange explanations.

One would think that WWE wants to have as many shows as possible right now and keep their momentum going. With All Elite Wrestling beginning their weekly TV show on TNT in early October, WWE does not want to regress and fall back just as competition is stepping onto the scene.

On Tuesday, Wrestling Inc. reported that two upcoming live events were cancelled by WWE, and they aren’t just on short notice but at the very last minute.

The first cancelled event was set to take place on Saturday, August 3, 2019, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The second event was for Monday, August 5, 2019, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Neither of those events has been given make-up dates as of this time, and it just seems as if they’ve been totally cancelled and not rescheduled.

The Monday night event is not totally unexpected, as WWE has constantly cancelled SmackDown Live events on that day of the week since starting the “Wild Card Rule” a few months ago.

Superstars gather together on the "Monday Night Raw" stage.

Later in the day on Wednesday, WWE also cancelled the live event scheduled for Sunday, August 4, 2019, in Danville, Illinois. That makes three straight days of live events cancelled due to what WWE is simply calling a “scheduling conflict.”


That’s exactly the reasoning they have been giving when cancelling events for months, and it is again likely due to the “Wild Card Rule.” With WWE not always knowing who they will need from both brands, they usually end up having just Monday Night Raw take place on that day of the week.

The house shows being cancelled on Saturday and Sunday are quite strange, though. With those cancellations, all SmackDown Live events have been cancelled ahead of the next live TV show on Tuesday evening.

While it may be necessary for WWE to cancel some of these Live Events due to storylines and such, it’s really not a great look for them with the fans. Arenas have said that fans can get refunds for the tickets they’ve purchased for the cancelled events, but that is likely going to sour their view of the company and product.