Hilde Osland Strikes The Bambi Pose In A Tight Swimsuit

Hilde Osland takes a selfie.
hildeee / Instagram

Hilde Osland has been on a roll on Instagram lately, releasing a steady stream of sultry photos to keep her fans engaged. Her newest update consisted of three images, and showed her wearing a tight swimsuit that hugged all of her curves.

The first photo of the series showed Hilde striking the Bambi pose at the beach. She sat in the sand, with the ocean visible behind her. The model smiled with her lips closed, while she placed her left hand by her eyes. She wore her hair down, which blew around in the wind.

Her swimsuit was hunter green. It was a one-piece featuring a structured bra-like top and a high waistband. Osland cinched her waist with a matching green belt. She accessorized with necklaces, a bracelet and hoop earrings. In addition, Hilde also had a white scrunchie on her right wrist.

A second photo gave fans a closer look at Hilde, as it was a zoomed-in shot of her face. It revealed that she wore minimal makeup, which consisted of dark mascara and light pink lipstick. One of her necklaces also had a feather charm.

In addition, the third photo showed Osland from a different angle. She sat with her back to the camera, as she had her legs outstretched in front of her. Hilde’s hair cascaded down her back, almost reaching her waist. Thanks to the high-cut of the swimsuit, her bare derriere was on full display.

Hilde’s fans seemed enthralled by the photos, liking the set over 21,000 times. The model asked everyone which photo they liked best in the captions, and plenty of people responded by letting her know they like all of the pictures. However, there were a handful that responded with photo #2.

“Number 2 is best, can see your eyes better, you have beautiful eyes,” noted a fan.

“All are beautiful, as usual but, like 2 as your face is so pretty,” said another follower.

Others left thoughtful messages for the model.


“In such a sexual world we live in, I look into your eyes and your precious face, and that, combined with your personality IS your beauty. I could be wrong but you seem sweet and you sing well also! Wish you well,” said an Instagram user, who’s apparently been following Hilde since her American Idol Norway days.

“That swimsuit looks so good on you! Can totally relate with the scrunchie around your wrist as I do that all the time!” exclaimed another.