Missouri Man Who Found A Mummified Baby In His Mom's Freezer Still Waiting For Answers

A Missouri man who found the frozen, mummified remains of a baby in his mother's freezer is still waiting for answers days later, St. Louis' KMOV-TV reports. However, some new information has come to light.

It's been about three days since Adam Smith made the horrifying discovery. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, for decades his mother had kept a box in every freezer his family ever owned. It was never talked about. Meanwhile, for decades, his mother would sometimes mention a sibling who died before Adam was born. Sometimes his mother would randomly get sad and say that the sibling's name was Jennifer.

After his mom died of cancer a week or so ago, Smith and his family were cleaning out her home, and he made the horrifying discovery: the mystery box contained the frozen, mummified remains of an infant. Smith called the cops, and he gave police a DNA sample, for whatever good it might do.

It's been a few days, and answers haven't been forthcoming, Smith tells the St. Louis CBS affiliate. A KMOV reporter asked the St. Louis Medical Examiners Office for an update, but they said they cannot comment because it is an active investigation.

Autopsies, of course, take time, as do DNA tests. Meanwhile, Smith is learning more about his mother, and not everything he's learning is good.

"I'm finding out more information, little stories and my mother is not the person I thought she was," he says.

He says that his mother had always lived "a secretive life," something that's bothered him for decades. He says that his mom grew up in St. Louis and attended a local Catholic high school. She worked odd jobs here and there before Adam came along, when she quit working to take care of him. How she supported herself and her son is not clear, as of this writing.

Now that she's gone, his mother's secrets are slowly starting to unravel. With the help of a living sister in the St. Louis region, as well as other family members here and there, he's learning that he may possibly have more siblings or half-siblings that he didn't know about. As for the baby, he's convinced that she is his sister or half-sister.

Meanwhile, Smith's biggest concern, apart from the identity of the mummified baby who may or may not be his sibling, has been finding a home for his deceased mother's cats. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan has stepped up to foster the animals.