August 1, 2019
Yovanna Ventura's Pants-Down Bedroom Snap Shows Off Her Mismatched Underwear

Brunette bombshell Yovanna Ventura delighted her fans by posting a series of sultry shots throughout the week, including a post where she undresses down her to her mismatched bra and undies while in bed. The social media star has over 5.5 million followers on Instagram.

Yovanna was infamously thrust into the limelight after she caught the eye of musical sensation Justin Bieber in 2014. Since then, she has continued to be an influencer on the social media website and even used her fame to sell her own calendars. In addition to her stunning selfies and bikini shots, Yovanna is also well known for her dedication to fitness and often posts updates where she is exercising.

The Miami native's most recent pictures show that her time at the gym has definitely paid off, as the brunette stunner showcases her incredible body. In the first post, which features a triple picture set, she is lying on the bed with her hands relaxed by her hair and her taut abs in full view. Her faded ripped jeans have been unbuttoned and have slid down her body to around her upper thighs, displaying her undergarments. The bra is a pink lace number, and the model coupled it with a pair of mismatched white undies. Her hair naturally falls around her shoulders for the morning-after look.

Second and third pictures in the update show Yovanna up on her knees, which again showcases her killer curves. In the second picture, she gives the camera a sizzling glance, while in the third, she playfully laughs.

The update won widespread admiration from fans and earned over 142,000 likes and over 885 comments.

"Imagine waking up to that," one fan dreamily mused.

"I think I'm in love with her," echoed another.

"You're my muse," concluded a fellow Instagram model.

However, Yovanna wasn't done treating her fans to updates. She later added a double post update where she rocks a metallic bikini top and red animal-print skirt. To protect herself from the summer sun, Yovanna wears a knotted, oversized linen shirt over the bikini top and shields her eyes from the light.

The updates earned over 34,000 likes and 235 comments.

"I love you," wrote a fan.

"Beautiful," added another, with three heart-eye emoji to emphasize her point.

The final picture that Yovanna added was another triple post update, and this time the Southern belle is sporting high-waisted black jeans that emphasized her tiny waist. She paired the pants with a green-and-white exotic plant-printed crop top. She finished the look with oversized green and white earrings and natural locks. Befitting the vibe of the photos, an oversized elephant picture looms in the background.

The picture earned over 31,000 likes and 185 comments.