Mariah Carey Being ‘Forced To Walk’ In The Rain Goes Viral, Reactions Are Beyond Epic

Mariah Carey performs at Crown Casino's New Year's Eve Party at Crown Palladium on December 31, 2015
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Mariah Carey had a spot of trouble yesterday. The singer was in New York City when her vehicle broke down and she was “forced to walk,” per The Daily Mail. The newspaper’s report of Mariah’s Instagram video appeared living proof of its viral nature, although paparazzi images of the star did accompany the story.

As The Daily Mail reports, the 49-year-old kept her attitude positive as she abandoned her car journey for a walking one amid pouring rain. Mariah was photographed smiling as an assistant held an umbrella for her – a hand appearing to hold an umbrella for the pop icon also appeared in Mariah’s Instagram video.

Mariah seemed to make the most of her unfortunate circumstances. She took part in a caption-mentioned “challenge” alongside breaking out into song as she walked. The mother of two did, however, mention the vehicle breakdown in her Instagram post alongside where she was headed: Mariah’s destination was a charitable one.

Fan reactions have proven pretty epic. Over on the singer’s Instagram, praise came in for the sensational singing display with positive responses racking up thousands of likes.

“How did people on the street just walk by while she was singing. I would’ve heard that voice and dropped everything!” was a comment clocking over 2,200 likes.

“So nobody sees Mariah Carey walking down the street singing ‘Obsessed’?.. dude just walked past like it was nothing..” another fan wrote with over 1,300 users agreeing.

Over in The Daily Mail’s comments section, reactions stretched beyond the vocal displays, though. Mariah’s reputation as a diva was brought up. This, in itself, has long been chronicled with The Daily Mail wrapping up Mariah’s alleged diva demands back in 2008.

“I bet she had a meltdown behind the scenes, she’s not exactly known for ‘taking things in her stride’ she’s a right diva” proved to be the most upvoted comment.

Another much-liked response queried whether the singer can “remember how to walk.”

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Then again, some fans didn’t seem to appreciate the backlash Mariah was facing.


“She is walking to Camp Mariah Her charity foundation that has been running for two decades, that helps poor youths train, gain confidence, education and tools for careers. But let’s talk about someone holding her umbrella,” one user said.

The songstress’s Instagram update also proved immensely popular, racking up over 689,000 views. Over 4,100 fans took to the comments section of the post to leave thoughts. Mariah herself also looked incredibly stylish in a pair of tight jeans paired with a designer Balmain T-shirt.

Mariah has 8.3 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of the singer should follow her account.