Ireland Baldwin Sizzles In Scarlet Thong Bikini, Giving Instagram A Mini-Meltdown

Ireland Baldwin is not shy about flaunting her assets. She seems to demand attention whenever she posts a photo on social media and gets many reactions, both positive and negative, when she does so.

The model's latest snapshot proved to be a big hit with most of her followers. Baldwin posted a selfie on Wednesday via Instagram, in which she poses in a scarlet-colored thong bikini that definitely showed off some skin. She flaunted her backside for her fans to take notice, and they sure did. It may have taken a little more effort to get that perfect snapshot. The swimsuit photo was shown as a reflection in a small oval mirror that she had hanging on her moss green wall. There was also a plant sitting on the floor in keeping with the green theme.

It appears that the 23-year-old beauty may have just been showing off the swimwear that she will be wearing for a photo shoot. Makeup artist Liz Castellanos asked her if that was the attire for the following day. Ireland said that it was.

Many fans flocked to her comment section to let her know what a beauty she is. However, there were a few naysayers who were not so impressed by the blonde bombshell. One person wanted to know what she did for a living.

Ireland Baldwin had the perfect response.

"Cardiovascular surgeon and biochemical engineer."

Another person took the time to chide the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, telling her that she should do something more with her time rather than sharing "provocative selfies," such as something a little more "meaningful" with her life.

However, most people loved the photo. Ireland Baldwin has not only caught the eye of her admirers, but her famous family has been known to comment on her photos as well. While sexy bikini snaps seem to be okay with them, naked ones are not exactly what they have in mind for their girl.

As People had pointed out last month, mom Kim Basinger wasn't having it when her daughter shared a racy picture of a blonde female lying on a bed facedown, completely naked. Basinger completely disapproved, thinking it was Ireland in the photo. Everyone else wasn't too happy, either. It turned out to be a picture of late actress Romy Schneider as Baldwin quickly declared that it wasn't her.

Ireland Baldwin is obviously comfortable in her own skin and is not afraid to embrace that.