'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Nick Punches Adam Twice

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Nick punches Adam in the face not once but twice, and Sharon happens to walk in right as it's happening. She jumps to conclusions even though she does not know what happened.

Y&R head writer Josh Griffith recently discussed the brother versus brother storyline with Soap Opera Digest. He revealed that Nick (Joshua Morrow) walks in right as Adam (Mark Grossman) starts to tell Christian that he, and not Nick, is the little boy's father. Nick stops Adam just in time, but he's furious. The brothers argue, and Nick resorts to punching Adam. Sharon (Sharon Case) shows up just in time to watch Nick hit his brother twice.

"Adam knows that he has a knack for triggering Nick's temper. Adam uses this to his advantage, so Nick loses his cool and puts himself in a vulnerable position. Adam's agenda is to be awarded custody of Christian, but he's more than happy too upset Nick in the process," Griffith admitted.

Adam thinks that he can use Nick's fury against him in the custody case for Christian. He isn't afraid of taking a couple of punches if it destroys Nick's nice-guy reputation. Adam certainly has plenty to overcome there, considering Nick plans to build affordable houses using his new company New Hope. Meanwhile, Adam is still seen as a dark force in Genoa City.

"Adam believes there is no question that he should have custody of Christian. He's not looking for sympathy from Sharon, but he knows that her support will help his case. There is also a part of Adam that takes satisfaction in upsetting the bond between Nick and Sharon."

Sharon asks Adam to get his face looked at, but he refuses, so she takes him home. At Adam's penthouse, Sharon cleans up Adam's face for him and helps ensure he will not get an infection or suffer too much pain from the vicious right hooks Nick landed. As she cares for him, sparks fly between Adam and Sharon, and they both remember the heat they used to have.

One thing leads to another, and Sharon ends up sleeping with Adam, according to a report from The Inquisitr. Nick warned Sharon to take a side, and she did. Unfortunately for Nick (and maybe their children), Sharon did not choose the team he expected her to pick. Now, Sharon will have to navigate the minefield sleeping with Adam creates for her carefully. Plus, Nick will have to work to keep from losing his temper where Adam is concerned.