August 1, 2019
Brie Larson Spotted Kissing Actor Elijah Allan-Blitz After Split From Alex Greenwald

It looks like love is in the air for Brie Larson. Entertainment Tonight reports that the Oscar-winning actress and Captain Marvel star was spotted kissing actor Elijah Allen-Blitz while they did some grocery shopping. They also shared some more smooches as they walked towards the parking lot where they were photographed locked in an embrace.

Larson was previously romantically linked to Phantom Planet lead singer, Alex Greenwald The two announced their engagement in 2016, People Magazine reports but decided to call things off earlier this year.

Sources said that they were still committed to being friends despite the breakup.

"They have taken a step back from their engagement for the time being but they remain close," the insider said.

The news of Brie kissing Elijah may come as a bit of a disappointment to the segment of the Marvel fanbase who have been "shipping" Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson.

As Buzzfeed reports, Brie and Thompson have previously shown off their mutual admiration on social media.

"You are Dreamy @brielarson," Tessa wrote on Twitter in April. "Always inspired by you. An honor to sing your praises to the world.

In a previous tweet, Brie called Tessa her "dream girl."

At the Avengers: Endgame premiere, their chemistry was also on display. During a red-carpet interview with Variety, Tessa said that Brie Larson played her favorite avenger. Brie interrupted the interview to give Tessa a kiss on the cheek.

There have also been rumors that Brie Larson was responsible for a breakup between Janelle Monae and Tessa Thompson. As New Now Next reports, there had long been rumors that Tessa and Janelle were an item after the Thor: Ragnarok actress was heavily involved in Janelle's critically acclaimed album and film, Dirty Computer. Tessa played Janelle's love interest in the short film and they shared some on-screen kisses.

When actress Lupita N'yongo and Janelle were spotted looking very cozy at the Met Gala, rumors started swirling about an alleged break up with Tessa and there was speculation that Brie was the cause. As New Now Next reports, the speculation was heightened by the fact that Janelle unfollowed Brie on Instagram.

As Glamourfame reports, Brie has previously indicated that she'd be open to a romance between Captain Marvel and Tessa's character, Valkyrie when she shared romantic fan art of the two characters. Tessa did the same. Brie has also said that she would love to see see more LGBT representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an interview with Vanity Fair.