July 31, 2019
Jen Selter Shows Off Her Ample Assets In Triple Instagram Update

Fitness model Jen Selter recently took to Instagram with a triple update that had her 12.8 million followers eager for even more.

In the first photo of the shots, Selter posed on the edge of a circular pool within a pool, with a view of the clear blue ocean in the distance and a horizon that stretched out forever. There were a few ornaments around the edge of the pool, as well as bright red flowers to complete the landscaping. However, there's no denying that Selter's physique was the part of the photo that caught most of her followers' eyes first.

The brunette bombshell posed in a tiny bikini that flaunted all her assets and tugged lightly on the sides of her bikini bottoms to add a seductive vibe to the pose. Her brunette locks were pulled back in a low bun and she accessorized with a pair of sunglasses and nothing else. Selter posed with one foot slightly pointed in a stance that elongated her leg and made her booty look even curvier.

In the second shot, Selter sat on the edge of the circular pool, turning her back to the camera. In the alternative angle, fans were able to see just how revealing Selter's bikini was from behind. The top was a simple string bikini that tied around her neck and back. However, the bottoms were a thong style that flaunted all of Selter's booty and left little to the imagination. Selter smiled in the snap, and her curves were out of this world.

In the third shot, Selter had fun with the pose and immersed herself partially into the water. The crystal clear water came to just above her knee, and she had one leg perched up again to add to her voluptuous silhouette. Her toned abs were on full display, and she had one hand at her hips while the other touched her messy high bun. Her followers loved the shot, and it received over 78,000 likes in just four hours.

In the caption for the photos, Selter proved that even fitness models can struggle with finding the motivation to hit the gym. She confessed to her followers that she was having a bit of trouble with fitting in her gym sessions while she was on the road jetting from destination to destination. She encouraged her followers to join her in the month of August on a Bikini Body Challenge that she too would be participating in.

Selter directed her fans to a one week trial for the challenge, conveniently available through a link in her Instagram bio.