July 31, 2019
Sara Underwood Sizzles In Green Lingerie Set

Many celebrities have started using their platforms to promote products they believe in, such as CBD oils. It seems that former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood is one of them. She recently took to her Instagram page to share a sizzling shot she posted as a sponsored post with a CBD brand.

In the shot, Underwood lounged on the couch inside one of the cabins she built with her partner, Jacob Witzling, in their cabin project in the Pacific Northwest. Underwood's short blonde bob was pulled back into a low ponytail, with a few wispy pieces left out that framed her face and gave her soft baby bangs to mix up her look.

For lounging, Underwood opted to rock a sexy green satin and black lace bralette that her cleavage was spilling out of. She paired the top with some matching boy shorts that left plenty of skin on display. The overall vibe was definitely seductive, something that Underwood does well in her snaps.

In the background, fans could spot several touches of home, including a stack of books, a few plants, and a small lamp. The walls of the cabin were wood planks that gave the whole space a cozy feel.

The whole shot seemed like a normal snap Underwood would share, except there was something prominently featured besides Underwood's curves — the CBD products that are on the table, and that Underwood is holding.

The blonde bombshell mentioned in the caption that she worked with Veritas Farms for the post, a full spectrum CBD company that comes from Colorado, according to their Instagram bio. The company only has around 26,900 followers on Instagram, whereas Underwood has 9.2 million, so it makes sense that they would want to partner with the model to get their brand name out there.

Underwood explained a bit more about what the products were and why it mattered that they're a full-spectrum oil company. Then, she provided a code in the caption that her followers could utilize to receive a percentage off any purchase they might make.

Underwood's fans enjoyed the steamy, albeit sponsored, shot, and the snap received over 58,000 likes in just five hours.

Fellow Playboy model Tiffany Toth commented on Underwood's post, and it seems it's useful that the sponsored post popped up in her feed.

"I need to find a new cbd brand to use!" she said, and Underwood reiterated that she highly recommended the one brand referenced in the post.

Another follower praised Underwood for her detailed caption.

"As someone who works in the CBD industry, you are spot on with your post. Tremendous amount of misinformation being thrown around about CBD, need people like you to spread the right message."
Many other fans shared their own experiences in the comments section, so it seems that Underwood's audience just might be interested in the product she's promoting.