July 31, 2019
'RHOBH' Star Kyle Richards Claims Lisa Vanderpump Only Pretended To Be Hurt By Her 'Goodbye Kyle' Jokes

Kyle Richards doesn't think Lisa Vanderpump was truly hurt by the jokes she made about Vanderpump's husband, Ken Todd. Kyle was kicked out of their home during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9.

During last night's conclusion of the Season 9 reunion special, Richards was questioned about the Instagram videos she shared months ago in which she poked fun at the way in which Todd kicked her out of his home by saying with his British accent, "Goodbye Kyle!"

"Here's another example of Lisa trying to make me look bad," Richards told host Andy Cohen, via All About the Real Housewives, adding that Vanderpump only pretended as if she was "wounded" by her videos.

According to Richards, she knows that Vanderpump wasn't actually upset by her funny videos mimicking Todd because Vanderpump reportedly made the same sort of joke while spending time with her sister, Kathy, after their feud.

"My sister Kathy [Hilton] went to their house and she told me that Ken was joking and saying 'Goodbye Kathy' and they were laughing. So guess what you're not hurt by that. You also thought it was f**king funny," Richards said in a statement aimed directly at Vanderpump, who was not present during the taping.

Richards was kicked out of Vanderpump and Todd's home during filming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 after bringing to Vanderpump's attention that their co-stars were accusing her of leaking a story that suggested Dorit Kemsley had abandoned an animal she adopted from Vanderpump Dogs.

Speaking of her friendship with Vanderpump, Richards said that she was sad that her and Vanderpump's relationship had come to an end, and also expressed disappointment in Vanderpump's decision against filming the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 reunion.

"I paid the ultimate price by being honest [with Lisa]. And I've thought about, [what if] if I hadn't gone to her house, and not told her, and then she would have seen us sitting there [talking about the Radar Online story] — how would that have played out?" she wondered.

Richards then said that it must be weird for Vanderpump to be absent during the reunion taping and suspected she was feeling bad about her decision to skip the filming.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 is expected to begin production later this summer without any involvement from Lisa Vanderpump, who recently announced that she would be leaving the show.