July 31, 2019
'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Shares Insane Rare Gymnastics Footage Of 'Miss Crazy'

Fans of Leah Messer generally get their fix of the star and her three daughters via one of two ways: either they tune into Teen Mom 2 or they follow the 27-year-old on Instagram and wait for her posts. There's another route, though. The platform offers the chance for users to use its stories, but anything posted via this method will only float around the digital space for 24 hours.

Leah took to her Instagram stories earlier today. Her videos sent fans very blurry footage, although there was no denying that the video's contents were showing some pretty insane moves. The setting showed a gym with a dark floor and padded mattresses – if anywhere is safe to be doing gymnastics, it's somewhere with some cushioning.

Both adults and children featured in the video, although fans were unlikely able to make out anyone's identity. Given, however, that Leah will share her daughters' lives to social media, it can be assumed that the spread-out child lying on the room's mattress was daughter Adalynn "Addie" Faith.

The video sent out an adult appearing to prep themselves for a backflip somersault – again, their identity wasn't clarified. That said, Leah did seem to have reposted the footage from friend Ashley Jones – Ashley's Instagram has recently featured a snap of Leah.

Fans viewing Leah's Instagram stories today likely picked up on the girly vibes. Both the blonde adult and the children featured in the footage came clad in pinks or whites with wardrobes that included shorts and crop tops.

Text also appeared at the bottom of the video.

"Love my days with miss crazy," it read.

A digitally-placed heart also appeared below the wording.

Leah has been making headlines this month. July saw the star and her three daughters jet off to Hawaii for some fun in the sun, although the trip proved a talking point for other reasons. Leah and daughters Adalynn, Aliannah, and Aleeah were joined by Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry and her three boys.

The vacation appeared to be an extended one, although fans would likely argue that the break's lengthy duration offered a better chance of getting more photos. The mothers definitely delivered on that front. Both Leah and Kailyn posted adorable beachfront pictures to Instagram, and many included the kids.A photo showing all six children together proved particularly popular – both Leah and Kailyn shared the snap of their brood jointly enjoying a Hawaiian sunset.

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