July 31, 2019
Caroline Einhoff Flashes Major Underboob To Tease Her 1.4 Million Instagram Followers

German model Caroline Einhoff -- known on Instagram as Caro E -- recently took to her page and dropped a very sexy picture. In the snap, the model could be seen wearing white trousers paired with a tiny pink crop top.

Standing in front of a mirror, the model held her phone up and snapped a selfie, flashing major underboob in the process. Her tiny crop top provided a generous view of her slim waist. The model let her hair down, but since she hid her face behind her phone, it's hard to tell if she wore any makeup or not.

The picture was captured in the toilet of an airplane, and in the caption, Caro informed her fans that she is on a long flight, which could explain why she is taking some selfies -- to stave off boredom.

Within four hours of going live, the picture has amassed more than 36,000 likes and about 450 comments -- her fans and followers showered her with compliments.

"You are so hot, babe. I love you," one of her fans wrote on the picture. "Damn girl, that's true perfection," said another.

While most of the comments were positive in nature, one of her followers called her out because she travels too much.

"Your carbon footprint is insane," the critic pointed out. "How can people applause you for literally destroying our planet with all your weekly transatlantic flights?"

While many of Caro's fans came for her support, that particular comment garnered 70 likes, suggesting that more than a few Instagram users agreed with it.

"Why is everybody who criticises her supposedly jealous? Nobody is," one follower declared.

While some continued to debate over climate change and how taking flights is damaging the Earth, others focused solely on the sheer display of skin and drooled over Caro's sexiness.

The model recently traveled to Italy for a photoshoot sponsored by Ignite International -- a high-end, global cannabis brand founded by the famous Armenian-American gambler and social media star Dan Bilzerian. During the photo shoot, Caro posted many bikini and topless pictures on her Instagram page to tease her fans.

In one of the photos, she could be seen wearing an orange thong with Ignite International's logo printed on it. She took off her bikini top and turned her back toward the camera to show off her booty. Fellow model London Goheen also posed with the model in a similar pose.

The sultry pic has garnered almost 90,000 likes and over 1,000 comments as of this writing, showing exactly how popular Caro is on the photo-sharing website.

According to an article by Famous Birthdays, Caroline was already famous as a beauty, fashion, fitness and travel blogger before she started modeling. The article also mentions that Caroline has been in a relationship with fellow German model Jeff Kasser since 2017.