Jeffrey Epstein Wanted To Impregnate Women At His New Mexico Ranch To Seed Human Race With His DNA

Wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is currently awaiting trial over accusations of sexual abuse against minors, wanted to impregnate women at his New Mexico ranch in a plan to seed the human race with his DNA, per a Wednesday report from The New York Times.

According to The New York Times report, Epstein had consulted with scientists and other associates about the practice, which is known as transhumanism. Transhumanism is the idea that the current human form is not its final form, but merely an early one that can be improved upon by mostly using science and technology, per

Transhumanism has been compared to eugenics, according to The New York Times, which is a now-discredited movement designed to improve the human race through selective breeding practices.

There is no evidence that Epstein ever followed through on his plan to impregnate women, per The New York Times.

Earlier this month, Epstein was charged with with sex trafficking and conspiracy. He plead not guilty in a federal court in New York. Epstein was forced to register as a sex offender in 2008 as part of a plea deal that allowed Epstein to serve 13 months in jail. That plea deal, which was orchestrated by former U.S. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta when he was a U.S. Attorney, caused the labor secretary to resign from his position earlier this month amid public pressure, per The New York Times.

Epstein is charged with maintaining a network that led to the abuse and exploitation of dozens of teenage girls, some as young as 14, per a previous report from The Inquisitr.

According to an NBC News report, a judge in Manhattan denied Epstein bail earlier this month, agreeing with prosecutors that Epstein posed a flight risk. Epstein's lawyers had proposed a $77 million bail that included putting up his private jet and New York home as collateral, per NBC News.

The wealthy financier, who had properties in New Mexico, Florida, and New York, was known for having a vast network of notable associates that included former President Bill Clinton and current President Donald Trump.

Both Clinton and Trump have denied knowledge of Epstein's wrongdoings, though Trump had once praised Epstein for liking younger women, per Business Insider. The Daily Beast reported that it found several instances of visits between Epstein and former President Clinton, which casts doubt on the former president's claim he had just six encounters with Epstein.

According to a previous report from The Inquisitr, Epstein's relationship to Victoria's Secret founder Lex Wexner is currently being investigated by an external law firm hired by L Brands, Victoria's Secret's parent company. According to a Wednesday report from Business Insider, the fate of the company's highly publicized annual fashion show is uncertain, following a tweet from a Victoria's Secret model who said it was canceled.

Wexner had previously said the company was rethinking "literally everything" about the annual show, per Business Insider. It is not clear if there is a link between the show's apparent cancellation and Wexner's link to Epstein.

According to The New York Times report from Wednesday, Epstein had a fascination with scientists, who he was able to lure to him due to his vast sums of money. Epstein often was interested in funding projects that others viewed as out of the ordinary, per The Times.