R. Kelly Name Drops Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga To Try And Clear His Name

Yahoo News reports that court documents reveal the recently jailed R. Kelly — who was hit with 18 federal charges related to child pornography and obstruction of justice — is attempting to get out of jail by name dropping Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga to add to his credibility as an artist. Kelly collaborated with Jackson on the song "You Are Not Alone" and with Gaga on her song "Do What U Want," although she later apologized for working with the disgraced R&B singer.

"Despite Robert being a world famous recording artist for the last thirty years, touring in every country on the planet, working with every major superstar from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga and selling millions of records, the government feels comfortable to describe, what it has listed as only five (5) 'Jane Does,' not all of which are alleged to be minors, out of a public career of 30 years, as reasonably and legally fitting the description of a pattern of, with intended purpose to, 'recruit women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity,'" the document reportedly reads.

According to Kelly and his team, the alleged victims are nothing more than "groupies" that clamored for his attention. They say that the victims came to his shows, craved his presence, and even fought with each other for time with the singer.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kelly is currently in Chicago's downtown Metropolitan Correctional Center. The 52-year-old singer faces a maximum prison sentence of 195 years, and his crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, said last week that Kelly is in solitary confinement, can't read or write, and is likely on suicide watch.

But shortly after, Johnson stepped down as Kelly's crisis manager. Per CBS News, Johnson cited "personal reasons" and said the singer is now in "good hands" in reference to Steve Greenberg, a criminal defense attorney heading the star's legal team. Johnson made the announcement hours after he said on CBS This Morning that he wouldn't be comfortable leaving his daughter around the singer.

In addition to federal charges, Kelly is also being indicted on five counts — including violation of the Mann Act and racketeering — from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York.

The Mann Act is designed to prevent innocent girls from being pushed into prostitution, although History reports that it is criticized for providing a way for law enforcement to criminalize consensual activity. The most famous prosecutions under the Mann Act are Charlie Chaplin and Chuck Berry.