Sommer Ray Rocks Plenty Of Skin While Asking Alexa To Do A Workout For Her

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In many of Sommer Ray’s Instagram posts, the curvaceous model enjoys showing a lot of skin. And why not? her body is truly a wonder.

Sommer also likes to indicate how much she works out via many social media updates she shares with her 27.1 million followers.

However, in her most Instagram post on Saturday, the 22-year-old knockout seems to have given up on her exercise regime. Instead of sweating herself, this industrious beauty turned to Alexa, her handy electronic assistant, to do the sweating for her.

While Alex did not reply for the masses to hear her answer, others who saw Sommer’s August 3 upload did so in short order. In fact, within five hours of her last social media posting, the popular Instagrammer earned more than 7,500 likes and a slew of comments.

One, in particular, got right to the heart of the matter. Well, her heart’s matter, anyway. The follower spoke directly to Sommer’s assistant, saying “Alexa help me get sommer rays body.” An emoji of a frustrated face was also part of this appeal.

“No you’re the dime babe hahaha,” commented another follower, who received many direct replies, including one that stated, “looking like a snack, lemme get a piece of you PLEASE.”

That plea may have been skipped, while another suggested a facetious solution to Sommer’s most recent problem. That person remarked, “I know a two person workout that burns many calories, want me to teach u?”

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alexa, do my workout for me

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Sommer hasn’t mentioned if she’s been in touch with the dubious person who would like to be her trainer by way of a lewd comment but chances are this isn’t going to happen. What did likely happen is that the subject of the post, a persistent person, probably continued to work out herself. At least that is a good guess given the way she was dressed.

Sommer rocked a little gym outfit. The white top, which was sleeveless, boasted blue and yellow stripes while the matching bottom was skimpy, allowing her famous booty to be on view.

That same famous booty was stuck up in the air as Sommer leaned on a piece of workout equipment. Her somewhat gloomy face made this pretty model look more appealing than ever. She rocked subtle makeup and Princess Leia’s spacey Star Wars-style buns on the top of her head.

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Although she’s among the top Instagram models in the world, Sommer can be very hard on herself. In another post, as mentioned by The Inquisitr on August 1, she told her 27.1 million Instagram followers that her boobs resemble that of a sixth grader’s.

Apparently, this sexy young woman is extremely particular about every aspect of her body. As The Inquisitr mentioned, “Sommer Ray continues to attract huge amounts of attention from her throngs of admirers.”

This amount of attention will likely continue given the model’s astounding physique, an enviable one even Alexa would admire.