July 31, 2019
Kourtney Kardashian's Floral String Bikini Pics Slammed After Cellulite Paparazzi Photos Go Viral

Kourtney Kardashian seems to be getting a hard time right now. Photos of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star vacationing in Europe have filled media outlets this week, with fresh ones coming in just today. As The Daily Mail reports, Kourtney took a break from sunbathing in Sardinia, Italy, to have herself photographed poolside in a cute, strung, and floral-print bikini.

Photos of Kourtney enjoying her amateur photoshoot showed the 40-year-old posing as two male friends snapped her with their smartphones.

Within a matter of hours, Kourtney had taken to her Instagram to share what were presumably the results of her poolside posing. The Poosh CEO's social media post has since made The Daily Mail's headlines, but fans don't appear to be giving the mother of three the thumbs-up. Many have been pointing toward prior images of Kourtney's current vacation, including snaps that appeared to show a touch of cellulite.

"Damage limitation we all seen the unfiltered piccies earlier this week thanks to the DM. Love your body lady you've got kids and your rolls and wobbly bits are a testament to that!" one fan wrote with their comment being upvoted to be the most popular one.

"But Kourtney we have seen you without photoshop, give it up!" another said.

Today's comments may well pertain to the photos of Kourtney in her thonged floral-print two-piece shared by The Daily Mail earlier today. Given, however, that recent viral images of Kourtney in a yellow bikini saw the world somewhat shocked at the apparent cellulite, per The Inquisitr, it might be that users were referring to the star's overall images this week.
Kourtney's bikini snaps have mostly seen the mother of three praised for looking fabulous at 40 and appearing to look natural, although some fans have been slamming the star on account of parading her body around. Responses in the newspaper's comments section today did, however, seem geared toward accusing Kourtney of digitally editing her images.

"Shortney we know you're much more wibbly wobbly than that without filters, air brush and photoshop..." one user said.

"Still smarting from the humiliation of unedited photos, trying to do damage control," another user wrote before mentioning the apparent "cellulite" that they claimed to have recently seen.

Kourtney seems to be having a wonderful time, though. The star has been enjoying quality time with her three children, with Instagram stories showing daughter Penelope appearing to explore her surroundings. The 7-year-old has been joined on the vacation by 10-year-old and 4-year-old brothers Mason and Reign.

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