Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Why She Took Two Lie Detector Tests, Says ‘RHOBH’ Production ‘Wanted To Film It’

The former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star passed her polygraph test, but she's still having to defend it.

RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump
Nicole Weingart / Bravo

The former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star passed her polygraph test, but she's still having to defend it.

Lisa Vanderpump is firing back at her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars after they insinuated she did a practice run for the lie detector she took this season on the Bravo reality show. After she was accused of leaking a story about Dorit Kemsley’s Puppy Gate scandal to Radar Online, Vanderpump took a polygraph test to prove her innocence.

Bravo host Andy Cohen played a clip from Vanderpump’s Puppy Gate polygraph session during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, which prompted Erika Girardi to speculate that the absentee housewife had extra prep so that “when the cameras showed up” for the second lie detector test, “she’d have a great performance,” according to Hollywood Life.

But Vanderpump says it was Bravo producers who asked her to take a second test so they could air it on the show. The former Real Housewives queen bee took to Twitter to remind Cohen exactly what went down.

“Yes @Andy I passed lie detector we have the footage on iPhone and then when production heard of it they wanted to film it. So it was scary in front of camera crew, but yes I passed it twice.”

For months, Vanderpump’s former co-stars have been buzzing about the fact that she took a lie detector after Kyle Richards first found out about it. Viewers saw Vanderpump answer “no” to questions such as “Have you ever given a story to Radar Online about Dorit Kemsley abandoning her dog to a shelter?” and “Do you know who gave a story to Radar Online about Dorit abandoning her dog?”

The polygraph examiner, a 30-year veteran, concluded that Lisa passed his lie detector with flying colors and that there was “zero chance” that she was lying on those important questions.

But Vanderpump’s lie detector test did not convince her co-stars she wasn’t involved in leaking the humiliating tabloid story. After her RHOBH castmates questioned why she would go so far as to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence, Vanderpump took to Twitter to respond.

“Ha yes…just because you call me a liar for fifteen episodes in front of millions, why on earth would I want to take a lie detector lol? So ridiculous…I should just agree with them.”

On an episode last season, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans witnessed Lisa Vanderpump being hooked up to a lie detector in an effort to clear her name, but it didn’t impress Richards, who tweeted, “Are you kidding me? NOOOOOO. Who goes to these lengths?”


In addition, Bravo noted that fellow RHOBH star Erika Girardi appeared on Watch What Happens Live and said of Vanderpump, “Who does that?”

Vanderpump was called a liar by several Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars and the tension got so bad that she stopped filming with the cast amid the Puppy Gate drama. The Bravo star later told Us Weekly that she was tired of hearing that the other housewives still didn’t believe her after she swore on her own children’s lives that she had no involvement in the Radar Online leak.

“I handled it with the truth and that’s why I ended up doing the lie detector test,” Vanderpump told Us. “Because I was like, I was so sick of them saying, ‘Oh, I don’t believe this.’ Or ‘I don’t believe that.’ Or ‘You did this.'”

Lisa Vanderpump will not return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season.