Dollar General’s Exclusive ‘Believe Beauty’ Makeup Goes Viral At Under $5 Per Product

Makeup artist applying make-up to a woman / Pexels

Cosmetic-related promotions are huge among social media influencers and celebrities. These endorsements, however, often leave a lot to be desired as they aren’t usually budget-friendly.

According to CNN and social media influencers on various platforms, it is the affordability of Dollar General’s new exclusive Believe Beauty cosmetics product line that has many buyers obsessing over it.

With a selection of 150 products all priced under $5 a piece, Believe Beauty products have been in dedicated displays at the end of product aisles at 15,000 stores across the U.S. since Dollar General debuted them during the spring season.

According to chief executive Todd Vasos, the acquisition of the brand is a crucial part of Dollar General’s business strategy as they set their sights on targeting millennials. While Dollar General executives do not expect buyers of the millennial generation to take to Twitter or Facebook to discuss the allergy medication or dust pan they purchased at the store, they do believe the buyers will pick up other necessities before taking to social media to rave about the new makeup.

Dollar General’s business strategy has been on point as the cosmetic line has started to pick up steam on social media. Influencers on both Instagram and YouTube have started sharing detailed reviews of various Believe Beauty products.

An Instagram user by the name of Jenny – who is a self-proclaimed nail polish lover – took to her Instagram roughly a week ago to announce that she’d tried Believe Beauty for the first time.

Showing off a glittery purple nail polish, the influencer noted that the color and sparkle reminded her of unicorns. With over 145 likes and a couple dozen comments, her followers loved both the sparkle and the color.

To date, Instagram has been flooded with over 3,000 posts using the #believebeauty hashtag. YouTubers have also published several dozen reviews accumulating hundreds of thousands of views as customers can’t seem to get enough of this affordable makeup line.

Posted on YouTube at the beginning of May, a video by influencer JuicyJas has accumulated over 100,000 views and 5,000 likes. Nearly 1,000 users have also taken to the comments of this particular review to share their thoughts on the Believe Beauty product line.

On Twitter, some social media users have shared snapshots of carts and shopping bags full of Believe Beauty products as they rejoiced over finding fully stocked displays of the affordable cosmetics.

During a presentation last month, Dollar General CFO John Garratt noted that the company was seeing great results as well as a lot of “social media buzz” since the release of Believe Beauty.