July 31, 2019
Victoria's Secret Model Kelly Gale Wows Her Fans Jumping Rope In Daisy Dukes

Kelly Gale's recent Instagram update impressed her fans as she jumped rope like a professional while wearing a pair of Daisy Duke shorts and a workout bra.

In the video, the model was on a pier that appeared to be on the ocean. Wearing a black athletic bra and a pair of cut-off blue jean shorts, she jumped rope and even threw in a few fancy side-swings.

In the photo's caption, Gale said it was the first time she had jumped rope since she hurt her arm last April while she was spending some time in Mexico. The Victoria's Secret model reportedly suffered some serious injuries while horseback riding, the Daily Mail reported.

"A ton of fractures and broken bones but I'm alive," she said in an Instagram story, the news outlet reported.

She had apparently just arrived in Mexico hours before the accident but cut the trip short due to the injuries.

In her latest update, Gale looks to be almost completely recovered — and she seemed to be thrilled about it. Many of her fans were impressed with the moves.

"You're a machine," one fan wrote.

"Those side swing doubles are so smooth!" another follower pointed out.

"that rope skills is lit!!!" said another.

"you are amazing as always," wrote one follower.

Gale has kept her injury under wraps. In fact, one would never know the beauty was nursing an injury by looking at her Instagram account. In June, she shared a photo in which she was wearing an arm brace in the gym. It certainly seems as though the model is dedicated to her fitness regimen.Gale has walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway five times and trains tough before each show. In an interview with Vogue magazine, she explained how she stayed in shape.

"To be honest my exercise regimen doesn't change that much leading up to the show. Meaning I work out six days per week all year round and usually workout 2 hours per day," she said, adding that she also power walks "15 to 30km every day."

When she is not preparing for a show, the beauty said she liked playing tennis or beach volleyball for exercise. She also said that she eats a healthy diet all year. She said she grew up eating foods that were good for her, so it isn't difficult for her to eat that way.

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