Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnut Gobbles Up 413 Buffalo Wings During Hooters’ 12-Hour Challenge

Joey Chestnut participates in the Nathan's Hot Dog Contest.
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images

Once again, Joey Chestnut is proving to fans that no eating contest is out of his realm.

As fans know, Chestnut is the reigning Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion and this past year, he scarfed down an impressive 71 franks in 10 minutes. The year prior, Chestnut broke the all-time record with 74 hot dogs. Now, he’s proving that hot dogs aren’t the only thing that he can scarf down incredibly fast. Earlier this week, Joey paid tribute to National Chicken Wing Day by participating in an “all you can eat” wing contest at Hooters. According to Fox News, the competitive eater devoured 413 wings in the span of 12 hours during the spicy event.

Joey took his talents to a Hooters restaurant in the Mall of Georgia, and prior to the contest, the wing giant teased the event. Not only did the chain tease the event on social media but a spokesperson for Hooters also released a statement before the contest even started.

“He’s conquered nearly every eating challenge imaginable, but Joey Chestnut is teaming up with Hooters for his biggest feat yet.”

The competition started at 11 a.m. and lasted for 12 hours — all the way until 11 p.m. Joey took to his Twitter page to share a lot of photos from the contest, including a number of images where he reached milestones like 300 and 350 wings. After the contest was over, Hooters shared a photo of Joey and two women who work at the restaurant chain. In the photo, the trio is all smiles with the girls in their signature orange shorts and matching white tank tops and Chestnut in a pair of black shorts and a white graphic T-shirt.

Just next to them is an electronic bulletin that reads “413” in big, red letters. And the post earned a ton of attention from fans who follow Hooters, amassing over 3,000 likes in addition to 80-plus comments. While some followers commented on the photo to congratulate Joey on the win, countless others chimed in to let him know that they are huge fans.

“That’s awesome Joey,” one follower wrote on the post.


“A real American Hero!!!” one more Instagrammer commented.

“Good God that is crazy!!!” one more commented with a surprise face emoji.

In addition to Joey scarfing down so many wings on the fun-filled day, Hooters also hosted a challenge for people to guess how many wings they thought Joey would consume during the contest. Whoever guessed correctly would be entered into a drawing for a chance to win free wings for an entire year. While Chestnut now holds the wing record at Hooters, he doesn’t hold the all-time wing record.

In 2018 Molly Schuyler participated at the “Wingettes” challenge at the Philadelphia Wing Bowl and consumed an impressive 501 wings in just 30 minutes.