Iggy Azalea Receives Support From Fans After Confessing That She Feels ‘Defeated’ Her New Album Flopped

Iggy Azalea poses for a photo at a Sirius XM event.
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Iggy Azalea’s fans have her back through thick and thin. Earlier this week, the singer took to social media to share a few thoughts and vent to fans. In a series of tweets that were posted on her Twitter account and shared with her 8 million-plus followers, the singer confessed that her new album didn’t do as well as she had expected. The singer blamed part of the flop on people who stream music instead of just purchasing the whole album.

“As long as I do better each time I try to achieve something, I keep on going. A mile a head would be great! but all I need is an inch forward for me to know I’m aiming in the right direction,” the first tweet read.

The songstress then went on to say that she will be back in the studio in two weeks and though she woke up feeling just a little bit defeated, she ended the day by feeling a little motivated. When a fan commented on the post and asked Azalea why she felt defeated, the rapper explained to fans that it was due to steaming and tanked album sales.

“I think sometimes I feel defeated because I look at the chart and see how much streaming impacts it, and think how can I win when I’m up against THAT? But I also feel like: okay, and? There are two options. Quit. Or shut up And just keep fighting. So I’ll keep on fighting!”

That tweet, in particular, earned Azalea a ton of attention from her fans with over 4,000 favorites, 400-plus retweets, and 280-plus comments. Most followers commented on the post to lend their support and love to Iggy, letting her know that they’re still huge fans. Countless other Twitter users chimed in with different GIFs and memes.

“Just know you have a cult following that loves you and the GP will come around eventually. But we’ll always have your back,” one follower commented on the tweet.

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“I get that charts/streaming are such a big part of today’s music industry, and even tho ur not no.1 that doesn’t change the fact that u released an incredible body of work and we’re in love w it. no matter the chart spot or how many streams it gets. love u,” another chimed in.

The singer recently released her new album, titled In My Defense, making it the first album with new record company and independent label Bad Dreams. This marks her first album in quite some time with her other album, The New Classic, coming five years ago. The singer chatted with EW about her new project recently, saying that she expressed a lot of her frustrations in the album and channeled everything into her music.

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She tells the publication that in recent years, she has been under a lot of scrutiny for being a female rapper in a male-dominated industry, but instead of clapping back at haters each and every time she gets criticism, she is channeling everything into music instead. In addition, the Australian-born rapper says that she toyed around with a ton of different sounds for her new album, sampling the sounds of Dave Matthews Band and EDM stuff with Steve Aoki but at the end of the day, she decided that she wanted a more aggressive style of music for where she is at in the stage of her career.

Her own new record label has also given her a ton of control and she says that everything is being released on her own terms. While she uses Empire to distribute her product since she is still learning the industry, she still maintains most of the control as she continues to learn about marketing and a ton of other different aspects of the industry. According to her website, Iggy will perform in San Francisco on August 2 for a “one night only” event at the Fillmore. She will be joined onstage with Shuga Cain and Silky Ganache.