Meghan Markle Inadvertently Sparks Vicious Twitter War Between Piers Morgan & Jameela Jamil

Meghan Markle wears a navy blue outfit.
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s role as the guest editor for Vogue UK’s September edition has sparked a vicious Twitter war between Piers Morgan and Jameela Jamil.

The back-and-forth was kicked off by Morgan, who commented on Meghan’s choice to include Jamil on the cover of the magazine, per the Daily Express.

“One of Meghan’s ‘kind & inspiring’ female-empowering Vogue ‘heroines’ is @jameelajamil – who called @Beyonce a ‘stripper’, said @MileyCyrus was a ‘vagina with no platform & told @Rihanna to ‘put your m***e away,” said Piers.

In return, Jamil tweeted the following.

“My PINNED tweet is all of the mistakes I made, owning up to being problematic when I was young. I have nothing to hide. You are old, and still a problematic slut-shaming, fat-shaming, misogynist, irrelevant sh*t stain, smeared across our country,” she declared.

But that wasn’t all, as Jamil added the following to her thread.

“He is just the thirstiest b*tch alive.”

Meanwhile, it’s true that Jameela has a pinned post on her Twitter page right now. She explained how she used to make mistakes in the way she criticized women, and how she had a different outlook on feminism. The tweet was written on December 15, 2018, and since then, it’s received over 130,000 likes.

Meanwhile, Jamil’s post calling Morgan a “sh*t stain” has received over 56,000 likes and 743 comments. Her comment about Piers being the “thirstiest b*tch alive,” on the other hand, has received over 14,000 likes.

Jamil may have supporters in slamming Morgan, but this public Twitter war isn’t likely to help elevate the magazine’s reception by the public.

After all, Melanie Phillips from The Times has already accused Meghan of being self-centered in the way that she approached the task of editing the magazine.


“Meghan’s virtue-signaling is all about boasting… It screams ‘Me! Me! Me!'” said Phillips, according to The Daily Beast.

In addition, it isn’t entirely surprising that Morgan would criticize the magazine, considering that he’s consistently spoken out against Meghan. His comments have hinted at a personal grudge against her, as he’s often referred to how she “ghosted” him.

In addition, it’s also worth noting that The Daily Beast suggested that Meghan’s decision to edit the magazine was done haphazardly. In fact, the publication presented the possibility that the duchess only consulted her two dogs before asking to take on the task. It’s hard to know how they came to this conclusion, but overall, there’s a group of people who think that the magazine is going to be a massive failure.